What Does The Black Heart Emoji Mean? πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

The Black Heart Emoji πŸ–€ comes with a variety of meanings. For those who love fashion or trendy outfits, it is exactly what you need. You can use it to express your love for a given outfit or perhaps appreciate how great it looks.

As the name states, it’s a heart with black color. Like any other emoji, it serves to emphasize a given message. It’s a great tool to convey messages such as sorrow, morbidity, death, Anguish, and evil among others.

πŸ–€ Black Heart Emoji Meanings

The context is the key to understanding this πŸ–€ emoji correctly.

Below are some examples about what πŸ–€ can mean.

The opposite of red heart emoji

But its application does not end here. πŸ–€ Black Heart Emoji is a great tool to indicate the exact opposite of red heart. Rather than communicating the sweet emotions, love, and romance, πŸ–€ is to the contrary. If you have ever been disappointed, heartbroken, or perhaps betrayed in a relationship, it’s time to gain courage and express your disappointment with this emoji.

Negative emotions

Holding back pain, sorrow, or coldness can hit your health negatively. It’s about time to let go of these negative feelings and communicate exactly what you feel with πŸ–€.

Let the person who has wronged you feel the heat when you send them a text with this emoji to emphasize how you feel.

Additionally, there are times when your loved one has passed away. It’s okay to feel sad. With the πŸ–€ emoji, you can share your morbidity, sorrow, or apply it in the context of death. Let everyone recognize the person you’ve lost and appreciate the change they brought to your life.

Strength and determination

The πŸ–€ emoji can also be used as a symbol of power. At times life can be difficult and tough to persevere. However, you must be strong so that you have an amazing tale when success or good things knock on your door.

Not well received

Some people can be quite unwelcoming or unfriendly. Use πŸ–€ to let them know exactly what you feel with how they treat you.

Comic side

And finally, if you want to look cool among your peers, it is a perfect choice to express dark humor.

FAQs about Black Heart Emoji

Is black heart emoji bad?

Indeed, black color is often associated with evil and negative emotions. In this case, πŸ–€ Black Heart emoji has both positive and negative connotation. At one point it can be used to reveal your sorrows, evil, unfriendliness, anguish, morbidity, cold, or even when being bereaved.

However, on the positive side, it’s a great mark of power as you fight through difficult moments with determination. Thus, the term bad cannot be used to describe this πŸ–€ emoji.

What does it mean when a man adds a black heart to the message?

When a man uses the black heart emoji πŸ–€, it could mean that he wants to be left alone. Maybe he is not impressed by the conversation or you. In this case, he is trying to be unfriendly or unwelcoming without the use of harsh terms like” leave me alone”.

Also, it can be a great way to give out a compliment. In such a case, he is impressed by how great you look in your outfit.

What does it mean when a woman sends a black heart?

If a woman uses this emoji, perhaps they are trying to push you away in a less aggressive manner. By sending you this emoji, she is simply trying to be unwelcoming or unfriendly so that you leave her alone.

What does it mean if someone says “goodnight” with black hearts?

Have you disappointed that person? So rather than telling you directly, maybe they send you a cold message by using this emoji to demostrate that.

What’s the difference between a green heart and a black heart emojis?

To begin with, the first difference between this heart emoji is their color. Thereafter, they are used to convey different things. For instance, the black emoji is related to sorrow, evil, unwelcoming and dark humor among others. While green heart emoji, on the other hand, stands for a healthy lifestyle, vegetables, envy, jealousy, and vegetarian among others.

Why would my granddaughter send me a black heart emojis?

Perhaps, they are trying to communicate their sorrow, morbidity, or anguish for losing someone close to them.

What do I love you too with a black heart emoji mean?

These symbols are expressing the love and affections to you but with humor. This is as opposed to the use of the red heart.

If my wife sends me a black heart emoji what does it mean?

You should get in contact with her immediately. She is telling you indirectly that someone closed to her has passed away. Therefore, you can send her a comforting message if you are far and unable to come in time or simply rush home to be with her if you are nearby.

What does black heart emojis mean on different platforms?


On Instagram, black heart emojis are used directly to express sorrow, twisted humor, and morbidly among others.


Apart from the usual meanings of this symbol -like evil, sorrow, or unwelcoming among others- this emoji can be used as an icon for your account.


Similar to Facebook, black heart emoji can be used to highlight your post and make it more attractive to viewers. Also, you can use it when emphasizing a given message in your post.

Whatsapp and Twitter

In WhatsApp and Twitter you can combine it with other hearts. Blue and orange heart are used commonly in these programs.

Examples of how to use it

  • β€œI am very sorry for your lose πŸ–€β€
  • β€œWow, I love your outfit πŸ–€β€