How to use emojis? Check these 37 Ideas

😀 Are you really saying that, you are going through with it? Then sure, let’s do it!!!

😃 I am so happy right now, I am ready to tackle any challenge and just make my life better and more exciting than ever before!

😁 Dude, I got a promotion and I am going to be a boss starting with tomorrow!

😆 Are you serious right now, she did what????

😅 Oh man, I wouldn’t believe that she would do something like this. It’s not what I expected, but then again you shouldn’t expect anything as she’s unpredictable.

😂 I was laughing so hard from his jokes that I started crying. Man that was so funny.

🤣 They already said this things feels strange yet they are still going for it? I can’t even… HAHAHA!

☺ I finally got the purse I wanted for 50% off, they are delivering it today and I am very happy about that. This thing sold out in 30 minutes, I barely had the chance to acquire it.

😊 You rarely have such an opportunity to fulfill your ideas, so I feel blessed and very happy for doing this kind of stuff.

😇 Me? I didn’t do anything, I am very happy with my life and I don’t really have the time to tackle anyone else’s challenges or push them towards something bad. I just want happiness for myself, and I am a little angel!

🙂 You know you can trust me right? I am always by your side no matter what dude!

🙃 If you saw their face when I told them I am moving to Vegas, it was priceless and they didn’t even think I was kidding. It was the best prank I did in ages man!

😉 You’re coming tonight right? We’re preparing a lot of cool stuff, the last thing you want is to miss on that, it will be epic and insanely fun, so just come by and have fun man.

😌 And I really thought she had feelings for me. Damn I am an idiot, I made a fool of myself and I truly believed that she is in love just like me. But not, now I appeared like a loser and I don’t know how to come back from it.

😍 Are you serious? I never saw a woman that’s so beautiful and intelligent. I love her with all my heart, I have goosebumps just for thinking about her.

🥰 I am seriously in love with him, he is so sweet and caring. And he really enjoys spending time with me, more than any other person did until this point.

😘 I can’t wait to see you tonight, I am very happy to be there with you and spend even more cool moments. You really are a blast to be around and I always enjoy your presence.

😗I am always trying to look cool, what do you think about this look, is it a good one for me or you’re just thinking that it’s bad? Let me know man, I really want to showcase excitement, fun and happiness with this new look I am spurring now.

😙 I have a gangster feel and approach, all I have to do is to express what I want and then I will reach the level I expect quickly without any challenges.

😚 I went to her a few times and I am very happy with the way things are working. Yes I know I am blushing already, I really have to find a new approach and enrich my happiness to take it to the next level. It’s going to be well-worth the effort, I can assure you of that.

😋 They didn’t trust me yesterday, but I pranked them really well today when they found all their phones with Chinese band stickers all over. If you provoke the prank master, you will get pranked.

😛 Are you coming today man? Or do we have to take everyone with us just so we can complete the entire process fast and in a very convenient way? It will be worth the effort, that’s for sure.

😝 They won’t believe what I have in store for them tomorrow. I pranked them really well until this point but this idea I have is insane. If I can put them into practice, it will be amazing.

😜 Do you believe they’ll fall for it man? Hopefully they do, because I have lots of great ideas in my mind to get back to them!

🤪 I am trying to seem not that anxious and very calm. If they get a hold of what I am planning I am screwed. It’s a really fun and cool idea, one that will eventually help take things to the next level.

🤨 They can’t be that dumb to fall for your ideas man. They might seem good at first, but the reality is that you can see these things from a mile away. Or maybe it will happen, no one really knows.

🧐 If you analyze this correctly you will see there’s a double meaning. You don’t always have an option unless you search for it. So I would say you should keep looking.

🤓 Dude, I am so excited for that new comic book movie coming out you won’t really trust me on this. It has so much backstory in the comics and I believe it will be a magical time.

😎 I got some cool new clothes and glasses, I look amazing and I am sure I will have a successful date tonight. Wish me luck though!

🤩 I was starstruck yesterday when I saw my favorite actor talking with the press. And I even got to talk with her, are you kidding me? This is the best day of my life and I really want to see these things again and again!

🥳 Are you coming to my party? I have lots of cool ideas and surprises already in motion, really hope you can come, it will be a lot of fun and certainly a blast if you enjoy good music, food and fun!

😏 For some reason I can’t trust him.

😞 Some people just stay the same, no matter what you do you won’t see any changes and you really have to live with it.

😕 I don’t really know man, this doesn’t seem that sturdy and I just prefer to test it out in some other way instead of just risking my dignity and word on something I am not certain of.

☹ They said they’re not coming to the party. I am so upset you won’t even believe how unhappy this made me!

😢 I never expected to feel this, but I miss him a lot.

😠 After all I did for you, this is how you are repaying me, are you serious???

🤑 I tell you dude, I´m a gold digger.