Emoji Meanings – People & Body

Body Parts

💪 Flexed Biceps

This is a flexed arm representation, showing bicep that is enlarged and tense. It can be applied both directly and indirectly in its meaning. Directly, refers to everything in conjunction with workouts, and indirectly may refer to mental power in ambitions, potentiality, and perseverance.

“It’s time to be strong people 💪”

🦾 Mechanical Arm

It’s an arm but a robotic one. It’s portrayed in a flex position but not as expressive as the ‘flexed biceps’. It’s used in instances to indicate that you are holding a metal, or to express that someone has a stiff hand or to request for assistance from someone.

“I could use an extra hand 🦾”

🦿 Mechanical Leg

Mechanical leg emoji is a robot leg but with similar human leg features. It’s used in the human leg related context. May refer to a person with stiff legs or moves, also refers to an injury on the leg that makes it hard to move swiftly and lastly may refer to the encouragement of people to work on the leg skills, especially in football.

“This week is leg training 🦿”

🦵 Leg

It represents the actual human leg from the foot to the thigh. All its meanings are related directly to the leg. They include, leg work out, this can be achieved through pairing with the emoji of a runner. If one is tired, pairing it with tired face express it all well.

“This journey is really long 🦵😫”

🦶 Foot

This is a representation of foot only, from the ankle to the toes. Different people have contrary views about feet. Some consider them smelly, some take good care of them, and others the feet are creepy to them. Irrespective of that we need them. They are used directly according to their purpose and meaning.

“Who is in for a pedicure? 🦶 💅”

👂 Ear

Like the name states, it’s a single left human ear that is quite detailed on the external morphology. The use revolves around its main role of listening. I.e. not getting what is said, like listening to music or anything, hearing weird things by the user.

“I love to listen to songs 👂 🎶”

🦻 Ear with Hearing Aid

This is a human ear with a hearing aid put on. When speaking of health-related issues, this is the right emoji for you. It reveals that one has a hearing problem by wearing them. It can indirectly mean that you are not getting what is said to you and in need of elaboration.

“This is one of those days that a 🦻, can be handy.”

👃 Nose

It’s the figure of the nose portion alone from a human. The meanings are related to the nose function which is basically the sense of smell. The nose is found in the central part of the face. It’s expressed best when paired with other emojis.

“This place smells awful 👃🤢”

🧠 Brain

The idea of the emoji is from animation inspiration. This makes it look adorable if you compared to the actual picture which may be too much to stomach. The emoji brain is pink in color and its usage is to express how smart a person is, although it can also be used sarcastically.

“Thanks to her 🧠, we came up with the finest solution.”

🦷 Tooth

The tooth emoji was made in cartoon version and majorly white in color. When having a meal, the tooth emoji can be used but can be even handier when chatting about dental health. In dental beauty, it can be paired with the emoji for sparkles to express shiny and clean.

“Her 🦷 was knocked out by the door.”

🦴 Bone

For the dog lovers, this emoji will remind you of your favorite canine friend. But that’s not all; it can also be applied in another context. It’s like asking for gratitude for doing great things or it can also be used when you’ve broken a body bone and in need of medical services.

“I have made 🦴 soup.”

👀 Eyes

They are elongated and opened wide eyes, which slightly glance to the left side on the majority of the platforms. It has a meaning that’s direct, depicting the urge to stare or look at something or even give consent on something (e.g. some attractive photo). But it can also convey a deceitful act.

“I’ve got my 👀 on you.”

👁 Eye

Unlike the eyes, this is single. It portrays the eye of human in an almost realistic version. It’s made of the various colors of the human eye depending on the providers. Has a wide range of usage, but generally, they narrow down to a sense of sight. Also with meanings, some of which are, flirting, speaking, charm, and beauty look.

“Am on the lookout 👁”

👅 Tongue

It’s depicted by a slightly opened mouth and a sticking out tongue. From the first look, it may seem childish, but the emoji has a range of uses which are worth trying. Its sourced from the childhood provocative actions of it, as much as it may be childish, some adults apply it in real life jokingly. It can be used in pairs with other emoji for provocation or singly.

“The lick of a dog 👅”

👄 Mouth

The lips are majorly red in color, the mouth which is slightly opened and also displaying the upper teeth. The emoji has two major meanings, that is speaking and a kiss. For kissing, it’s accompanied with other applications related to romance. While for speaking is generally speech or singing in some occasions.

“I am in love with singing 👄”


👶 Baby

The emoji represents a newborn or toddler. It’s made to portray the baby as being cute and cuddly. In some platforms, the baby may lack or have the pacifier. Apart from relating to the baby, it may have other meanings like portraying a childish action or referring to pregnant women.

“This is a despicable childish behavior 👶”

🧒 Child

This is a more of unisex emoji, as there is no specificity as to which gender it represents, thus it’s applied to represent either a boy or a girl child. This can be utilized when talking of children in general. The emoji can also be used to convey childish kind of behavior.

“Hey, stop messing with children 🧒🧒 toys”

👦 Boy

This emoji specifically portrays a boy, with between 8 and 12 years age approximation. In different platforms, the hair color varies, for example, chestnut, blond or red. The meaning behind this emoji is childhood, children or even family related. Or indirectly it can portray an adult with childhood spirit.

“What happened to my childhood buddy? 👦”

👧 Girl

It features a girl face which differs from that of a woman. It also has a pigtail hairstyle that is not exhibited on a woman, and with a similar age approximation like that of the boy, that is between 8 and 12 years of age. The emoji is applied in the context of children and even family.

“What happened to my young daughter? 👧”

🧑 Person

This is an adult version of the child emoji. it has no gender specificity. Thus it can be used to generalize or talk about a specific context. The age cannot be approximated also, thus serves everyone as long as it’s an adult. It can be used in both the context of persons or family.

“What happened to him? 🧑”

👱 Person: Blond Hair

Looks similar to person emoji, but in this case, it specifically has blond hair. That means, the emoji can exhibit different skin tone but the same blond color tone of the hair. The uses are linked to persons with blond hair.

“Excuse me, please 👱”

👨 Man

This is an emoji of an adult male, has a light skin tone with varying hair color and style. In some programs, it has a mustache. The expression is majorly neutral face. Often used in information relating to men and as well as paired with other emojis to form a family.

“Who is that guy? 👨”

🧔 Man: Beard

It’s a man with a masculine appearance and beards that are visible. The beards are in all kind of variation. It’s perfect to be used when giving a description of a person with beards. It can also be used to make your self have a beard in a text.

“Since you got beards 🧔 you think you are a man 👨”

👱‍♂️ Man: Blond Hair

It’s the face of a male with hair that is blond. It’s applied to describe people appearance with the aid of this emoji. It can also be used in a family set up to describe similarities or differences in hair color in a family.   

“I thought he was your brother because of your 👱‍♂️ hairs”

👨‍🦰 Man: Red Hair

Males with hair that are red can be described as orange, ginger, auburn or copper. It was formed from a combination of the man emoji and red hair component emoji by use of a particular formula to display both as a single Man: Red hair. The use is directly linked to its character.

“He was 👨‍🦰 and very masculine.”

👨‍🦱 Man: Curly Hair

Have the curly hair as the major feature and it particularly refers to males. The hair color may be different depending on the program it’s found. Some of the colors include black, blond, orange, chestnut and many more. It’s used directly to illustrate a person or groups of people with the curly hairstyle.

“He had amazing 👨‍🦱.”

👨‍🦳   Man: White Hair

As the name state, it’s a male with hair that is white in color, but in this scenario, it does not necessarily mean the person is older. But still, it can be used for that meaning. It can also be applied if you want to text another person that you are bleaching your hair.

“Hey! Is your grandpa around? 👨‍🦳”

👨‍🦲 Man: Bald

This particular kind portrays a male with completely no hair on the head. It was cut voluntarily as a style or because of illness, such as cancer. Therefore it utilized to depict a strong courageous character as the personal careless of other people opinions. Or it can also be applied to sensitize people about cancer and how to fight it.

“I lost my hair 👨‍🦲 to cancer.”

👩 Woman

This can be easily mistaken with the girl emoji, but the distinction is that it lacks the pigtails. It’s featured with different kinds of color tone (red, blonde, black) and hair highlights or styles. Moreover, she has been given a neutral face. It’s applied to represent any type of woman, family, and even friends.

“Have a great day sister 👩”

👱‍♀️ Woman: Blond Hair

It’s a female with a specific hair that is blonde, but the hairstyle and highlights may be different. It’s meant to stand for all girls and women or just a single lady who is blonde. In addition, it can be used to depict beauty and fashion or a joke illustration about any blonde.

“I just love blonde ladies 👱‍♀️”

👩‍🦰 Woman: Red Hair

A red colored hair female emoji, which can also be described as orange, auburn, copper or ginger. The meaning is directly linked to the traits of the emoji. It basically represents red hair ladies as a whole or a particular family with this kind of hair.

“Are the ladies in your family really 👩‍🦰”

👩‍🦱 Woman: Curly Hair

Similar to varieties of colors, woman styles of hair also have different forms. Availability of a straight hairstyle alone is even close to enough when it’s about describing women look by use of hair designs. This particular style curls. It’s applicable when describing ladies with such a style or a family and it can also be used in fashion and design.

“They were all born with 👩‍🦱 in their family”

👩‍🦳 Woman: White Hair

The emoji has white hair, though it does not necessarily mean it’s an elderly lady. This can be as a result of hairstyle also meant for fashion and beauty. Thus its uses are to portray an elderly woman, fashion, beauty or description of someone with this kind of hair.

“The 👩‍🦳 can be as a result of genetic makeup, not just age.”

👩‍🦲 Woman: Bald

This means the women lack hair entirely on the head. It may seem unusual with the fact that women love their hair but it’s possible. It may be a result of illness, hairstyle or just to give your hair a chance to grow healthier. It can be utilized in contexts surrounding women in general or singly.

“Wow! The chic with bald hairstyle looks exemplary 👩‍🦲”

🧓 Older Person

It’s an older guy emoji, who can be a male or a female. It’s characterized with a face with wrinkles the same as those from elderly people. In some platforms, it has grey hair just to express the meaning more. It can be used indirectly to portray something is old or directly when talking about an elderly person.

“That house had really strong bones considering it’s the age 🧓”

👴 Old Man

Featured with wrinkles on the face, grey hair and lacks hair at the middle of the head but have on the sides above the ears, it depicts an old male. Unlike the older person emoji which stands for both gender. It serves as an illustration of elderly people or the process of aging in both people and things.

“Elderly people are considered wiser 👴”

👵 Old Woman

Have similarities to a grandmother, which include, facial wrinkles, grey hair with a bun and in some programs, she has eyeglasses. It’s a symbol for elderly women or the process of aging. Or it can also be used as a family member.

“She had the strength of a teenager but with a 70-year-old body 👵”