Emoji meanings – Music & musical note emojis 🎸🎹🎡


🎼 Musical Score

It is depicted by string notation with a musical note. They are mostly provided in grey or black in color. It can be used as an emoji manuscript paper for music. It can also be applied to portray the love for music or represent the music itself.

β€œWow! I love this music πŸŽΌβ€

🎡 Musical Note

It is represented by a single note which denotes music in general or related context. It can be used in a conversation to indicate you are listening to music. It can also be paired with a music instrument emoji to show your love for it. its context of use revolves around music and its instruments.

β€œSend me the favorite song you were talking about πŸŽ΅β€

🎢 Musical Notes

They are the eight notes presented in different arrangement and colors. They are provided as either two or three of them. It serves to depict singing or music. Basically, it is applied to denote different meanings which relate to music.

β€œThe party was exciting πŸŽΆβ€

πŸŽ™οΈ Studio Microphone

It is portrayed by the vintage silver colored microphone which is used in broadcasting stations. It applies in contexts relating to podcast, radio, music, and recording. It also has a symbolic meaning on devices. It symbolizes the microphone pot or recording app in smartphones.

β€œTurn on the recording πŸŽ™β€

🎚️ Level Slider

Have a channel fader which is black or grey with markings of scale that show various levels of setting. It works in volume adjustment. Found in various audio devices and used in music. It also has a symbolic meaning, depicting the next level.

β€œTurn up the volume, please πŸŽšοΈβ€

πŸŽ›οΈ Control Knobs

They are provided in two pairs or single pair, the color varies but grey and black are applied in most platforms. They have a white marking on the knob which serves as the pointer and on the board, they are attached there is a circular scale indicating various levels. Used in the context of music and audio devices.

β€œAdjust the tone of the music please, make it softer πŸŽ›οΈβ€

🎀 Microphone

The application involves amplification of sound to be heard by a large crowd. It is depicted by the typical form of a microphone which and it is mostly grey and black in color. It has various uses, such as indicating you are at karaoke, singing and speaking.

β€œAm singing today at the club πŸŽ€β€

🎧 Headphone

Uses include listening to any form of audio including music. It is portrayed by large headphones, which have various shades of blue, red black and gray. Some platforms display it with music notes in between the headset. It symbolizes love for music and also the headsets.

β€œAm chilling with music in my place πŸŽ§β€

πŸ“» Radio

The emoji is represented by a portable classic radio used for music listening, sports, and even news. It has been provided with various designs and colors. With the main features being one or two knobs, and antenna and frequency scale. The use involves contents in music, radio, and broadcasting.

β€œHave you heard the news about floods in the πŸ“»β€

Musical Instrument

🎷 Saxophone

It is an instrument of music; it is linked most too jazz songs. It is characterized by the sax which has a golden yellow color but made from brass.  It represents the classical types of music, where bands were popular. It can also be used to convey romantic sentiments.

β€œWould you mind joining our band πŸŽ·β€

🎸 Guitar

This emoji is represented by the electrical type of guitar. The red color is dominant among most of them. It symbolizes the process of making music, an electro, hard rock and even acoustic. So, apart from directly meaning the guitar, it symbolizes music.

β€œHe smashed the 🎸 at the stage.”

🎹 Musical Keyboard

It is represented by a few keys. The upper keys being black and the lower keys white. It represents both the grand and the normal piano.  Its application is by the user who knows how to play it or wants to learn. It represents both the piano and music making. It can be paired with a music note to make it more interesting in a chat.

β€œAm heading to my piano class πŸŽΉβ€

🎺 Trumpet

It is an instrument crafted using the brass metal, its depicted as being golden brown or golden yellow. it is popular among the jazz bands, and its also used in parades and matches. It is characterized by a loud and pitchy sound. It depicts the instrument, festive atmosphere and love for jazz songs.

β€œWow! That military parade really knew how to play classical instruments πŸŽΊβ€

🎻 Violin

Have a representative of the smallest in the world. The designs and colors of the violin vary across the programs it’s applied. It is an instrument that has the capability to produce both dramatic and profound music.  It applies in the context of the music particularly the type that uses a violin.

β€œI would love to be taught how to play πŸŽ»β€

πŸͺ• Banjo

It is one instrument that can be confused with the violin. It is popular in country songs. They are characterized by a sound which is unique. It is a musical instrument with only two strings to play and a base that is circular. It applies to denote the country songs and musical instruments.

β€œI really miss country music πŸͺ•β€

πŸ₯ Drum

This emoji is portrayed by a drum and a pair of drumsticks.  The sticks are wooden and brown, while the drum is made of contrasting colors and style which is determined by the platform they are applied. It portrays the music instruments and the best part of the music.

β€œI am going to a band concert πŸ₯β€