Emoji meanings – Computer & keyboard emojis 💻⌨️🖱️


🔋 Battery

It is depicted by the typical form of a dry cell; it is placed at an upright position and colored green. The terminals are also indicated with white markings, with the positive sign at the top and the negative sign at the bottom. The use relies on topics relating to electricity.

“My phone battery is almost full 🔋”

🔌 Electric Plug

Have two pins which are longer made of metal and are either silver or gold color. The plug body being black and made of hard plastic, it also has a cable that transmits the power. Has both figurative and literal meaning.

“I need more power to complete this job 🔌”

💻 Laptop Computer

It’s an opened laptop computer, displaying its black keypads, the blue or dark screen display, the touching pad and the whole device which is either black or grey. Its use revolves around the computer and its technology, also activity and work.

“Am still at the lab I’ll call you when am out 💻”

🖥️ Desktop Computer

It is represented by a monitor that is grey or black and has a blue, dark or grey display. Sometimes, it’s represented by a CPU. Similar to the Laptop computer, its use revolves around the computer, work, and technology and at times represents a television.

“Let me check my computer if I have that file 🖥️”

🖨️ Printer

A computerized printer, which is described as a white or grey device, that has a button for power, and a tray which is loaded with papers. In some programs, it’s portrayed as if printing a document. Its use is in the context of printing or symbolically as a logo.

“Print my assign to 🖨️”

⌨️ Keyboard

It is a device which is composed of black or white keys, and its general frame being grey or white. It’s used in typing, links with the computer and also writing. Also, it can be used as gaming keypads.

“My fingers are hurting after spending the whole day typing my thesis⌨️”

🖱️ Computer Mouse

The mouse functions to guide the cursor in the computer screen. It is provided as either gray or white, have a cord in some while in others they are cordless. It also a wheel which serves for scrolling, with the left and right button which serve different roles. The context of use is computer and gaming.

“My 🖱️ is broken.”

🖲️ Trackball

Can be used in place of a mouse, it also directs the cursor in your computer by rotating the ball on its surface. It is featured with cord or cordless, has a ball which is red or blue, which is held in a socket which is cylindrical. It falls in the content of gaming and computer.

“I love 🖲️ more than a mouse”

💽 Computer Disk

Is a small version of an ordinary disk, it is an optical disk which is gold or silver and is contained in a square-shaped cartridge whose shutter is in the right position. It is no longer popular due to Mp3 and DVD technology. Despite that, it serves to represent them in emoji form.

“I need something classic 💽”

💾 Floppy Disk

Have a 3.5-inch size, and works to store data, despite losing its role to USB and Flash disc, its presence is still preserved in the form of an icon for saving in the Microsoft computers. It is displayed a shutter, the housing that is black and a label which is white and at times accented or descended with a blue or red stripe. It represents saving and also associated with old fashioned technology.

“Ensure you save my documents before shutting the computer. 💾”

💿 Optical Disk

It is an optical disk which is silver and represented as either a DVD or a CD. Had a role in movies and music play before the invention of live streaming technology. It’s used in the context of depicting the DVDs, CDs and related devices,

“Do you still have my blue ray 💿”


It is a disk portrayed as gold on the shiny surface, function in movies playing, before the invention of live streaming technology. It applies in the representation of Blue-rays, CD, and DVDs and relating devices.

“I can’t believe people are still using 📀”

🧮 Abacus

It is a form of the traditional or ancient calculator. Its role relied on the beads which were mobile if you move them. It is portrayed having a frame that is wooden, four columns or rows of beads, with each having a column or row having a full line of same color beads. Others do have the same colored beads throughout.  Used in science and mathematics.

“Is 🧮 still being used in schools?”