Emoji Meaning – Objects

Clothing Emojis

🕶️ Sunglasses

This is represented by black sunglasses, with the design varying across the programs it’s used. Direct meaning, its eyes for protection from the bright sun, also, it applies when covering your eyes from the public. It is popularly used to depict privacy and summer vacation.

“I’ll assume I didn’t see you 🕶️”

🥽 Goggles

They have not been specified on the role they play, but they are more of a safety goggles than swimming goggles.  It can apply when encouraging people working on projects which can harm the eyes to wear it for safety. It roles is basically eye protection or safety.

“Don’t forget to put on your goggles while in lab 🥽”

🥼 Lab Coat

It is a coat which is white and is worn in the laboratory. In some platform, it has biro pens in the left upper pocket. Its role is to represent love for science and all contexts relating to science. The white color is meant to depict cleanliness and sterility.

“Never forget to wear your coat while in the lab 🥼”

🦺 Safety Vest

It is a vest which has bright colors to increase visibility in places prone to accidents. It is usually orange with white stripes or yellow.  it is used mostly by construction workers. Also, people riding a motorcycle are encouraged to wear to guarantee their safety from vehicles. Its role is to ensure safety.

“You are always my 🦺, I feel safe around you.”

👔 Necktie

This is shown as a tie on an official shirt. Their colors depend on the program they are used. It generally portrays an official event or occasion. It is usually a must wear attire for any formal function. This includes job, official meetings or even state functions.

“Don’t forget I have to report to the office early in the morning 👔”

👕 T-Shirt

A T-shirt which is plain and unisex, it has various colors and the design is round neck except on the Apple platform. It is linked with casual wear. The use is directly linked to it, which means the looks in both women and men including style.

“I feel comfortable in extra large T-shirts 👕”

👖 Jeans

It is a blue jeans emoji, which is unisex and represents the casual type of clothes. This can be paired with the emoji for a T-shirt as they are both casual. It is popularly worn by both genders. It portrays the style and looks of someone. It fits in shopping and style context.

“You look amazing in your blue 👖”

🧣 Scarf

It is a folded scarf with various kind of colors representation.  It is popular in regions with cold climatic conditions. Its role is to keep your face and also your neck warm. It can be paired with an emoji for snowflake when urging someone to keep warm before going out.

“Winter has come early this time 🧣”

🧤 Gloves

They are provided in pairs; they are the cotton made and are available in various colors. Their main role is safety from cold; they are made to keep your hands warm. This emoji can be paired with other warm clothes and snowflakes to portray you should keep warm its cold outside.

“I will never leave my 🧤 behind after my hands froze when out.”

🧥 Coat

It is a coat which is buttoned up and is meant for chilly weather condition. It’s suitable when heading out on a cold day. To express it’s cold and windy you can pair it with an emoji for leaf fluttering in wind. The coat can also apply in fashion and style.

“I love a long and fuzzy 🧥”

🧦 Socks

It is a pair of socks which have been placed at an overlapping angle to display both socks. It serves to safeguard your feet from blisters and being sweaty. It can pair well with any kind of closed shoe. But it should not be paired with open or sandals.

“My puppy likes messing my 🧦”

👗 Dress

A beautiful dress that is provided in various colors, it can suit you for a party, celebration or any other related occasions. It is perceived as clothing for ladies only. Similar to all other types of clothing, this too falls under beauty, fashion, and style. It expresses femininity, happiness, and feeling of gorgeousness.

“I love your 👗, it looks amazing on you.”

👘 Kimono

A Japanese robe made traditionally and is applicable for both men and women. It has been provided in varying designs and colors. It falls under the context of Japanese traditional heritage and culture.

“That’s quite an exclusively designed 👘“

🥻 Sari

It is a colorful traditional Indian wear with the same design but different color styles. It is featured with the fabric of 6-9 yard that leaves that exposes the midriff and wraps both the body and shoulder. It depicts Indian culture and traditions.

“What is 🥻 in simple language?”

🩱 One-Piece Swimsuit

It is an emoji for women’s single piece of swimming suit. Have a simple design, and suit women who love to expose less part of their body. It falls in the topic of going for a dive in a pool or ocean, also, when talking about shopping for a new design. It is linked with having fun in the water and basking in the sun.

“Will you get me a new 🩱, mine got torn?”

🩲 Briefs

It is swimming underwear, or also known as Speedos, that is linked to men. It is provided in different shades of blue and design. Similar to emoji one-piece swimsuit, it is also used in the context of swimming. It expresses having a good time swimming and basking in the sun.

“I feel like my briefs are getting smaller 🩲”

🩳 Shorts

Is a simple short that have varying designs across the programs it’s found. The color also varies; they are handy when the weather is hot. They fall under the context of fashion and design. It can be applied when letting somebody know you will be wearing shorts during the day.

“I have bought a nice looking summer 🩳”

👙 Bikini

A bikini emoji with two pieces, it is displayed in various colors. It is closely linked with swimming, vacations, beaches and sea swimming. It falls under the beauty, style and fashion context as well as swimming related.

“I am definitely getting that 👙 for my vacation.”

👚 Woman’s Clothes

Deferent designs of blouse for women with various kinds of colors. It plays a similar role as other types of women clothing, style and fashion. It portrays feminism or it can fall under the proper type of dressing.

“You look great in that 👚”

👛 Purse

Have the same design but different color as per the emoji provider. It is like women’s wallet for keeping their money. It serves two roles when used by a lady. It serves as a symbol for design and fashion or to symbolize the wealth of a woman.

“Your purse matches well with your outfit 👛.”

👜 Handbag

It is a bag used only by ladies, plays a role in carrying their personal items, and it is also an accessory to beauty as well as fashion. Have leather designs with different colors. It serves as directly as a handbag as well as a symbol for traveling or shopping.

“You don’t want to know what women carry in their 👜 “

👝 Clutch Bag

It falls in between the purse and the handbag based on size. It serves a similar role as the purse, carrying cash, makeup’s, keys and much more. it comes in handy where the handbag is not applicable. It serves as a representation of women bags and other occasions such as parties.

“I love your bag, it looks pretty  .”

🛍️ Shopping Bags

Have been presented in pairs with various colors but similar design, it carries the consumer products got from a store. They are portrayed as bags for gifts in different kind of bright and shiny colors, size and also design. Falls under the category of shopping, gifts, and goods

“I am planning to go shopping in the evening 🛍️”

🎒 Backpack

It is also known as the emoji for a school bag.  It carries various things, such as lunch, books, and personal staffs and so on. Symbolically it serves to portray a school and any activity related to it. Also, during travel, this emoji can be applied.

“Have you put your lunch in the 🎒?”

👑 Crown

It is an emoji depicting a crown, its golden color and decorated with circular rubies of different colors. Has a direct meaning of portraying a kings crown, or indirect meaning of illustrating the power it posses inclusive of wealth and luxury. It also conveys sentiments of the feeling of superiority and special.

“Hello my queen 👑”

👒 Woman’s Hat

It is a hat designed to be worn by women. Has a range of colors but the same design. In addition, it has a bow and ribbon on one side which serves a decoration. It has fashion, formal and theatrical context. It conveys femininity and portrays the Victorian era.

“This 👒 reminds me of Titanic.”

🎩 Top Hat

Have the black color or grey with ribbons of different colors, it is taller compared to the ordinary hat. It was used mostly during the British traditional wedding and also other occasions which were formal. It expresses wealth and luxury.

“How does illusionist perform magic with this 🎩?”

🎓 Graduation Cap

Have a square flat and hardtop, with a Golden yellow ribbon hanging from the center on top. This is a popular cap as it is used globally in all ceremonies of graduation. It has a direct meaning of graduation.

“Yes! I am going to graduate 🎓”

🧢 Billed Cap

It is portrayed as being mostly blue, with the ordinary cap design. It works well in protecting your face and eyes from the sun. it is popular on sunny days, in parks and even sports games. In baseball games, you can miss having a hat of the team you are supporting.

“I got this 🧢, from the sports store.”

⛑️ Rescue Worker’s Helmet

It is red, made of plastic and has a white cross logo at the front on some platforms. it also works emergency responders uniform. It applies directly to the profession it depicts. But also it’s similar to that used by construction workers to shield their heads.

“⛑️ play an important role in emergency situations in the country.”

📿 Prayer Beads

They are beads on a string with a tassel and a center bead for decoration. They are provided in various colors including orange, red, purple and gold colored wooden beads. It serves to portray various sentiments of religion and also as jewelry.

💄 Lipstick

It is a red or pink colored lipstick which lacks the lid and has a black or golden base. It is linked to beauty, fashion, style and also parting. It serves a symbol for party preparation. Also, it makes ladies feel special.

“You look amazing with this makeup 💄”

💍 Ring

It is a silver or gold ring with a blue gemstone or a diamond. This type of emoji ring is associated with proposals and engagements, after which its marriage. It symbolizes sentiments of love, romance, and happiness.

“Am engaged to the love of my life 💍”

💎 Gem Stone

It is portrayed in a blue and diamond shaped. It falls in the contexts based on jewelry, engagement if it is attached to a ring, luxury and even wealth. It also expresses sentiments of sparkling, preciousness and sophistication.

“Every lady loves precious jewelry 💎”

Sound Emojis

🔇 Muted Speaker

A typical speaker with a cancelation red line that cuts across it, the red line is also depicted as X sign or as a red circle around the speaker with a cancelation red line. This symbol indicates there is silence or the sound has been cut off.

“Sorry, my phone was in 🔇.”

🔈 Speaker Low Volume

The con of the speaker is shown with the lack of waves of sound. It can be applied when you want a person to reduce a device volume or talk with a low tone. Can also be used when you are not getting what the other person is saying.

“I am not getting you, please be loud 🔈

🔉 Speaker Medium Volume

The cone of the speaker is displayed as having one wave of sound. It is used in the direct meaning of moderate volume or symbolically to depict the process of reducing a device volume. It can also be used to tell someone to reduce a bit the volume of music or talking.

“Will you please reduce the radio volume 🔉

🔊 Speaker High Volume

The cone of the speaker has three waves of sound. Apart from indicating the volume is loud, it symbolically depicts the increasing volume of a device, for instance, a PC or mobile. It is used to express something or someone is very loud, but it can also be an indication that you want something or someone to be louder.

“Make it the music louder 🔊

📢 Loudspeaker

It is a form of speaker used for announcements. It has a handle with a cone shape of a speaker. It is portrayed with various colors and design. It depicts announcements or acoustic devices.

“Make sure you come with your tickets. No entry without tickets will be permitted 📢

📣 Megaphone

It is used mostly for announcements and cheers for a small population of people. It has a handle with a cone-shaped form. The color varies and relies on the emoji provider.  It has an expressive meaning of indicating someone is too loud than expected.

“Hey! Stop shouting, your sound is irritating 📣

📯 Postal Horn

It is represented by an image of a golden or brass horn, which is coiled, lacks valves and made of brass. Looks similar to a trumpet and has two tassels which are red. It serves to make an announcement or as a symbol for music instruments an also mail.

“Please, take this letter to the post office 📯

🔔 Bell

It is presented with a golden or brass color bell. It is used as a symbol in devices as a notification sign. It can also be applied to ask people to keep the device volume up if there are waiting for a notification or a call. It is also used in some home as a doorbell.

“Somebody is at the door 🔔”

🔕 Bell With Slash

Have a slash red line or a red circular line with a line across. The bell is golden yellow. its application is both direct and indirect. On a device, it depicts a silent or mute mode. In a library, it is used to urge people to maintain silence. Therefore it applies in the context of silence.

“I have just set my phone into 🔕.”

Phone Emojis

📱 Mobile Phone

It has a representation of both smartphone and the ordinary cell phone. But this depends on the platform of your device. Most of them have black or grey in color. Its application involves context in technology, phones, and communication.

“My 📱 fell into the water.”

📲 Mobile Phone With Arrow

It is an arrow composed of different colors as per the program it’s found, as it Points a mobile phone on its left side. It is meant to indicate an incoming message or call. Or even the general communication and technology.

“Hey, I have called you several times, check your 📲

☎️ Telephone

It is represented by the typical telephones. They existed even before the invention of smartphones. There use is more direct and at times symbolic. They are used to make calls, request for a phone number, call you later message and due to the red color, being used as a symbol of alert.

“Give me a few minutes, I will back”

📞 Telephone Receiver

It’s the typical telephone handset, which is featured with a microphone and a speaker, and with most illustrated as being black. Serve both in figurative meaning and also the literal meaning. It serves the same role as the emoji for the telephone. Its context is all about communication.

“Just wait for a second, am talking to somebody 📞”

📟 Pager

It is an old fashioned gadget that functions to notify the user about incoming message and calls. It is usually worn at the waist. Though nowadays there is emergency personnel who find it useful. It depicts the outdated technology which is no longer popular currently.

“My dad used to have a 📟

📠 Fax Machine

Like the emoji for pager, the fax emoji also denotes the old fashioned and outdated technology. It functions to send documents before the internet invention. It is provided as a black, white or grey machine. Has a handset for telephone, screen for display paper tray and keypads.

“Maybe I’ll consider 📠 you when am not busy.”

Light & Video Emojis

🎥 Movie Camera

It is a classic model camera for a movie, portrayed as being black or grey. On the top section, it has a mounted pair of reels, right or left pointed lenses and a viewfinder. Its application concerns movies, video, and films.

“My project has to be 🎥

🎞️ Film Frames

It is a film strip, exactly the same type that was being used once in photography and film making. It is represented by a section of the strip which has perforations along with the black trim. It serves in the context of photography, video and film making.

“This album reminds me of my past 🎞

📽️ Film Projector

Almost looks similar to Movie Camera emoji, it is a grey or black old fashioned type of projector with two reels mounted at its top, with the right pointed lens. It serves in the topics concerning film, movies, and videos, and also it’s used as an icon.

“I love watching movies at the cinema 📽

🎬 Clapper Board

It contains the details of the scene being filmed. It is used to indicate the start and stop of filming and acting. To initiate, the board is opened then closed with a loud clap sound, then the director shouts action. It applies in a context related to film making.

“We have just completed our second scene 🎬

📺 Television

It is represented by a classic model of television; it’s portrayed in various designs and color. It has a slightly curved light grey screen, with knobs at the front and an antenna.  The context of an application is based on broadcasting, game playing and watching films.

“I am in the mood of watching movies 📺

📷 Camera

It is the original camera that used films in recording the photo taken. It is depicted as having silver and black casing, and also controls used doe operating it and a lens. the context behind it is photography and symbolically used as a picture icon.

“Let’s take a picture 📷”

📸 Camera With Flash

It looks the same as emoji for the camera, except it has a flash which is illuminating. The cameras are classic, but with various design, but the flash is the same in all. It’s only the side it’s illuminating from the camera that differs.  It applies in the context of photography or as a picture icon.

“She has the best shots ever 📸”

📹 Video Camera

It is in the form of a camcorder, with the role of filming videos at home during 1980s to19190s. It is characterized as a black or grey colored camera with left pointing lens, buttons for control and a viewfinder. Serves as a video icon, and relates to film topics.

“I’ll be recording my birthday this time 📹

📼 Videocassette

A classic video cassette, portrayed as grey or black, used for watching movies and also to record. They were being used on VCR, this is before DVD invention. It has a pair of reels which hold the film, and label which is white between the reels. It’s used as a video icon, and in contexts concerning video recording and films.

“I still have my a 📼 collection”

🔍 Magnifying Glass Tilted Left

Have the role of viewing smaller objects. It has a classic model with various designs and colors which relies on the provider of the emoji. the lens is tilted 45 degrees to the left. It’s used directly to serve its role, and also as an icon in the computer meant to zoom.

“I am searching for my earrings 🔍

🔎 Magnifying Glass Tilted Right

Have the role of magnifying smaller objects to a focus the eye can see properly. Have various classical designs, with various colors. It looks similar to the emoji magnifying glass tilted to the left, except this tilts at 45 degrees to the right. Serves as a zooming icon in the computer and also symbolize searching or investigating in something.

“I have tried to get the source of the error but not yet successful 🔎

🕯️ Candle

It’s portrayed as a pillar shape white candle, which is burning with a golden yellow flame, while on the sides, the wax is dripping. Has a wide range of application. For example, to light up a dark place, relaxation, remembrance and so on.

“He gave me the best candlelight dinner ever 🕯

💡 Light Bulb

This emoji is represented by the incandescent type of bulb, which has a base which is silver, whitish yellow glow, and in some cases, the filament is shown.  Figuratively it represents s new thought of an idea, or it directly depicts lighting of a dark place.

“I have got an idea on what we should do 💡

🔦 Flashlight

It is the ordinary torch which is represented in different design as well as color. Has a light source at the anterior end, a switch button in the middle and the narrow backside which holds the battery.  In some program, it’s depicted lighting in a golden yellow color. Their use is basically on lighting.

“The power is off the room is so dark 🔦

🏮 Red Paper Lantern

As the name states it’s a lantern made of a red paper, but with a glowing orange light source. It has various shapes, ranging from spindle shape, cylindrical shape, sphere shape and much more. Each platform has its own unique design, but they all have a black base and top. It represents Japanese culture and light.

“I bought a bigger lantern for my house 🏮

🪔 Diya Lamp

This is a lamp which uses oil to light and its made using clay. It is a traditional lamp invented by the Indians. It, therefore, denotes the Indian culture and heritage. It’s therefore used when talking about Indians or light.

“What is the meaning of the 🪔 in Indian culture?”

Book & Paper Emojis

📔 Notebook With Decorative Cover

It is an image of a notebook with a hardcover; it has different forms of appearance across the platforms.  Most styles have a plain cover with a white or yellow label. It serves the role of sketching and making notes. The context by which the emoji is applied is diaries, notes, schedules and much more.

“It’s been a while since I updated my diary 📔

📕 Closed Book

It’s a red closed hardcover book, which has a white label on the front page or the title of the book. It is displayed at various angles. The context of application includes writing, schooling, learning, and reading.

“The school is closed, no more reading 📕

📖 Open Book

It is a hardcover book which is open in the middle, and it contains printed writings. The cover is portrayed in various colors, including brown, blue or red. Its role and context relate to reading, education, and learning.

“I have an exam tomorrow 📖”

📗 Green Book

As the name states, it’s a green book with a cover that is hard. On the front page, it has either a white label or the title of the page. Has a similar role and context like the other books of different colors. It applies to read, learning, literature, and education.

“Am at the last chapter of the book 📗

📘 Blue Book

It is an image of a book with a hardcover which is blue in color. It has either the title of the book or a white label on the surface. It is closed and placed at a various angle of viewing. The context of using includes knowledge, reading, literature, and studying.

“I will be using this book as a reference point 📘

📙 Orange Book

It is an emoji of a closed orange colored book with a cover which is hard. The book has either a white label on the main cover or the title of the book. Like any other book, it depicts knowledge, education, reading, and learning.

“When you come to my place come with the 📙 I gave you.”

📚 Books

It is represented by a pile of three or more books. The books are composed of different colors, some which include orange, green and red. The book is characterized by hardcover with a bigger volume of pages.  It depicts the interaction with different literature and also learning.

“I need to do more research on my project 📚

📓 Notebook

It is a notebook with a hardcover; the cover is composed of different shades of black and patterns as per the platform of origin. Its sole purpose is for writing, short notes, schedule, a diary, and even sketches.

“Silence please, I need to take short notes 📓

📒 Ledger

It is a yellow notebook with a hardcover and spirally bound. It is meant to portray the ledger of finance that is applied in accounting. Also, it’s popularly used in writing, reading, drawing and for school work.

“I have run out of pages in my school 📒

📃 Page With Curl

This is an emoji of a white piece of paper with writings, and a bottom that is curling upwards about halfway. It has a wide range of meaning that can be applied, for example, a paper torn from a book, an essay or a notice on the wall.

“Am not sure if I wrote my details on the essay 📃”

📜 Scroll

Have a characteristic of brown paper to depict ancient time, and it’s curled up on either end in the opposite direction. It has imprinted writings from the top to the bottom. It functions to illustrate history study or research.

“I am having a history lecture this afternoon 📜”

📄 Page Facing Up

It is an emoji of a piece of white paper, which has been printed with writings from the top to the bottom. Also, depending on the program of the emoji, the paper is curled at one of the top corners. The context of the paper relies on literature, studying, work and so on.

“One more questionnaire to complete 📄

📰 Newspaper

It is represented by the cover page of the newspaper is on the front. But unlike the Page facing up emoji, this is the whole newspaper. The design or style of the front page relies on the provider of the emoji. This emoji depicts news, journalism, media, and information.

“Have you read the headlines of today newspaper 📰

🗞️ Rolled-Up Newspaper

The newspaper has been rolled well then bound using a rubber band. It is then positioned at an angle of 45 degrees. It depicts news media journalism and general information.

“I need today’s newspaper to look for published job vacancies 🗞

📑 Bookmark Tabs

Have white paper sheets, which are printed with different types of colored tabs, this is to mark the significant sections. It’s applied mostly in content that covers a wide range of writings and documents. Its meaning serves in research work and office work.

“I will need you to sign on the following pages in the document 📑

🔖 Bookmark

It is the cardboard or paper traditionally used to as tabs of the bookmark. Based on the source of the emoji, it is characterized by different designs and colors. It is used most in the context of marking or reading.

“Am in the middle of the document, but within a few hours I’ll be through 🔖

🏷️ Label

It is a yellow or a light brown tag, which is rectangular, has been labeled and a key used to attach them. It is shown at various angles, with some having two tags while others a single. It is popularly used as products price tags.

“Check the price tags and tell me it’s how much 🏷

Mail Emojis

✉️ Envelope

It is the typical form of a paper envelope; it is shown in both white color as well as yellow. as per its real role, it serves in sending of letters and cards through the mailbox. It has a symbolic meaning, of being an icon of the electronic email, as well as the ordinary SMS.

“I have got your card ✉️

📧 E-Mail

It is the email but in an electronic form. It is represented by a yellow or white colored envelope. Depending on the platform, it may have the symbol @ or letter K at the back to denote it’s an E-mail and not a mail. It is applied in direct meaning, as well as the symbolic role of being an icon.

“I have sent my CV to your 📧

📨 Incoming Envelope

The emoji depicts the mail envelope with motions lines behind it, showing it’s moving. The application is common in E-mail as an icon. It falls into a wide range of context that includes, letters, posts, news, messages, and even in relation to business.

“I have sent you the inventory 📨

📩 Envelope With Arrow

It is represented by the letters back side having an arrow pointing down on it. The letter is portrayed as either white or yellow, with the arrow being blue or red. It may illustrate a message which is directly being downloaded. Or it may portray a message or mail which is incoming.

“I have a load of incoming emails 📩

📤 Outbox Tray

These have been denoted by a tray of paper, which has an arrow on top of it and pointing up. The box appears to be wooden with various kinds of color. The arrow is represented by mostly the red color. It has a symbolic meaning of uploading, emails outbox, messaging or even sharing.

“I have just uploaded the document into the site 📤

📥 Inbox Tray

The trays of paper look exactly like that of outbox tray emoji. The only differences are the arrow points into the box this round. It is made from wood and comprised of various colors as per the provider of emoji. This symbolizes download, emailing and messaging.

“I think the network was poor, it’s when I have received your message 📥”

📦 Package

It is a parcel in a cardboard box which is light brown and contains its details on a white label. Moreover, it is wrapped at the top using white tape. The use includes delivery, moving, shipment and much more.

“Can’t wait to see the accessories I bought online 📦

📫 Closed Mailbox With Raised Flag

Have been represented by a metallic red, blue or grey letterbox, and has a red colored flag which is raised up. At its front, it has a closed door and a small rectangular gap through which the mail is put. It is used in the context of mails, packages, and deliveries.

“I think my application response is among the mail 📫”

📪 Closed Mailbox With Lowered Flag

It is a red, blue or grey metallic box at the curbside. On the side, it has a red flag which is lowered. Its door is closed and has a rectangular small window through which mails are put in. the lowered flag and closed-door indicate the mail has been picked or there is no mail delivery.

“When is my mail arriving 📪?”

📬 Open Mailbox With Raised Flag

Have a blue, grey or red box which is metallic, at the curbside. On its side, it has a raised red colored flag, and the door of the box opened. Inside, it contains an envelope which is yellow or white. It’s an indication of delivery or a mail which is outgoing.

“I have already sent the mail 📬

📭 Open Mailbox With Lowered Flag

It is a grey, blue or red metallic box at the curbside, with its door opened. On the side, its red color flag is lowered and the inside is empty. This means in the US that there is no delivery or the picked up the mail that’s outgoing.

“When did you say you sent the mail 📭?”

📮 Postbox

It has been illustrated by an emoji of the blue, red or pink metallic box that is larger than that of the mailbox. At the front, it has a white envelope at the mail dropping slot. This emoji is in the context of mails and postal delivery.

“Drop this letter for me on your way to lunch 📭”

🗳️ Ballot Box With Ballot

It is a grey or blue colored box, with a ballot being dropped at the slot which is on top of the box. In some emojis, the ballot has either a check or cross mark. It applies to politics, elections, and voting.

“Have you gone to vote 🗳?”

Writing Emojis

✏️ Pencil

It is a yellow colored classic pencil with a pink eraser at the back and a well-sharpened writing tip. The pencil is at an angle of 45 degrees facing either right or left. The content of application includes schooling, sketching or drawing, and writing.

“Am heading to school ✏️

✒️ Black Nib

It’s an emoji of a fountain pain which shows its nib that is silver and serves to write with ink. The nib is positioned at an angle of 45 degrees facing to the left or to the right. The application includes signing, writing, and drawing.

“Oh no, ink is running out know ✒️!”

🖋️ Fountain Pen

Placed at an angle of 45 degrees, facing to the left, is a black fountain with silver colored nib and a stripe at the center, close to the nib or both with gold or grey color. It applies in the contents of a writing, signing or drawing.

“I want it written in calligraphy 🖋

🖊️ Pen

A ballpoint type of pen, at 45 degrees facing to the left, it is either black or blue depending on the program used. Moreover, it has a gold or grey stripe on its cap. Its use includes writing and also signing.

“What are you writing about 🖊?”

🖌️ Paintbrush

It’s an artist paintbrush characterized by a thin handle with bristles having paint and are pointed. The handle is crafted in various ways. The tip is facing left at an angle of forty-five degrees.  The application involves art and related topics.

“Wow! That painting is realistic and beautiful 🖌

🖍️ Crayon

It is an item made of different colors, depending on the program it’s found, it is represented by green, red, pink, orange and blue. On the label, it is marked with a pair of stripes which are black. It serves to draw, art, schooling, and coloring. It is used mostly by children.

“My kids love sketching with crayons on papers 🖍

📝 Memo

It is a piece of a white paper written on top by a pencil which is yellow with a pink eraser at its end. The pencil is facing the left with its tip at 45 degrees angle touching the paper, depicting writing. The emoji depicts a notice or a reminder to specific people, an easy being written or even work at the office.“Let me cross check what’s not written properly 📝