Emoji meaning – Money & dollar sign πŸ’΅πŸ’²


πŸ’΅ Dollar Banknote

This is a stack of dollar notes from the US and they are banded. The notes have a green hue but have varying details across the programs.  But the dollar sign cuts across. The use is in the content about wealth, luxury and money. The note is applicable universally.

β€œI am remaining with about seven hundred πŸ’΅β€

πŸ’΄ Yen Banknote

The emoji is represented by a stack of bank notes which are banded. The notes depict the currency of Japan, even though the details on the note and the color variations. But the major color across all platforms is yellow, pink or green and all with the symbol of yen. The uses are in the context of wealth and money.

β€œI have a got a tip from a Japanese πŸ’΄β€

πŸ’Ά Euro Banknote

It is the Euro Banknote emoji, portrayed in stack form which is banded. The note color and design are provided in various forms but the euro sign makes them all euro banknotes. The uses are manly for wealth, luxury and money. This note is also known globally and can be used in any country.

β€œI had from the news that 500 πŸ’Ά have been banned.”

πŸ’· Pound Banknote

The image of the pile of banded notes is realistic and into details in some platform. The pound sign is found in all of them. And with the purple color being dominant in all of the provided stacks of notes. Like any other money, it serves to depict luxury, wealth and richness.

β€œI’ll be traveling to Scotland at any time of the month πŸ’·β€

πŸ’Έ Money With Wings

It is a winged stack of US dollars that is bounded. The wings, color, and details on the notes differ across the programs. This notes depict, transfer of cash, losing cash or even earning cash. But in general, it symbolizes luxury, wealth and richness.

β€œAm running short of money πŸ’Έβ€

πŸ’³ Credit Card

It is illustrated by the credit card back side that displays the signature and the magnetic strip. The style and color vary across different providers of emoji. But the frequently used colors are blue, gold or silver. It’s applicable in money transactions, both in the bank and payment in stores.

β€œHow comes my πŸ’³ has no money?”

🧾 Receipt

The receipt is in the form of a paper which is white and is imprinted with details of the purchase. The receipt helps you keep track of your spending, but also enables you to return a product you don’t need. In addition that enables one to claim ownership of something.

β€œBring me the receipt of what you will buy πŸ§Ύβ€

πŸ’Ή Chart Increasing With Yen

It is a chart which is displayed in different forms, pattern, and colors, depicts the economic value change of yen currency. Most of the charts are illustrated in green color. This makes it be applied in the world of business.

β€œThe value of the yen is fluctuating πŸ’Ήβ€

πŸ’± Currency Exchange

This emoji illustrates two currency exchanges. The most common is US dollars and Yen of Japan; it is described well by an arrow that appears to be moving in a circle with the currency of the two countries on either side. It can be used by travelers who move abroad.

β€œWe are coming back to US guys πŸ’±β€

πŸ’² Heavy Dollar Sign

This is a symbol of US dollar written in large size and bold. The color varies, with the most used being Green, black and blue. Also, the design of the dollar sign differs across the programs it’s being used. It has a symbolic meaning of being used before a number to denote they are the value of money or even to emphasize that people owing money should pay back on time.

β€œHow many πŸ’²have you made since morning.”