Emoji Meaning – Food & Drink 🍇🍌🍞🍕🥘🍦

Food Fruit

🍇 Grapes

It’s an image of a bunch of grape cut from a tree. It is portrayed as purple or red in color. The image looks more real. Traditionally, it’s used when making wine. Thus when it’s applied, it’s usually in a wine context or when talking about fruits or diet.

“I have never known these berries are so sweet 🍇”

🍈 Melon

It’s a type of fruit. It’s green with brown shaded, and it’s uncut. Most of the time, it’s portrayed by platforms as a cantaloupe fruit. Also, it’s used or associated with watermelon, due to the similarity in the name. Apart from depicting fruits, it’s also utilized in the context of something big.

“Wow! That’s a big one 🍈”

🍉 Watermelon

It’s a watermelon slice, displaying the rich flesh which is pink. Also, it’s seeds that are black and the outer coating which is green. Has both real and cartoon image forms. Because of how it’s portrayed, it applies in the fruit or dietary context only.

“The watermelon we had was sweet, cold and fleshy 🍉”

🍊 Tangerine

Have an orange color coating, and appears to have been cut from a tree. It has a stem and a few leaves attached to it. It’s a form of citrus fruit. It’s a sweet fruit with lots of vitamins. It applies when talking of the color orange, fruit and diet.

“Please! Bring me the orange gloves 🍊”

🍋 Lemon

Have a yellow color and it’s a bitter type of citrus fruit. Like the Tangerine emoji, it also has a leaf or two on a green stem. It appears to have been plucked from a tree. When you speak of lemonade, this is the raw material. This applies to food or fruit topics. Also, it’s used in expressing or describing a person with bitterness.

“I said am not interested 🍋”

🍌 Banana

It’s an image of a banana that is halfway pilled, ripe and it’s yellow in color. It’s a type of fruit characterized by the sweet taste and also loved most by monkeys. Due to the appealing yellow color and its sweetness, it’s applied in the context of traveling, having an awesome time, vacation and even food or fruit.

“Get me a bunch of 🍌 from the market”

🍍 Pineapple

Have a golden brown colored skin which is spiky, a green crown which is pointed upwards. It’s placed in various angles with a common one being at 45 degrees left or right. Being a fruit from the tropics, it portrays the tropical areas or even used in the direct meaning of fruit or juice made from it.

“I am having a 🍍 juice”

🥭 Mango

The fruit that’s ripe and it’s from the tropics. It’s expressed in different shades of green, yellow orange and red. Has a stem with a green leaf. It’s very juicy, fleshy and sweet. Apart from place description, direct meaning of fruit or food, it can be applied to describe someone you like.

“She is the sweetest mom ever 🥭”

🍎 Red Apple

It’s a red Classic apple. Have a stem and a leaf which is green. Forms different types of delicacies when used, also a sweet fruit and can express different types of people, for instance, a doctor. Or have a symbolic definition of tempting.

“Uncontrolled type of diet will give you an apple shape 🍎”

“🍎 a day keeps the doctor away”

🍏 Green Apple

It’s similar to the red apple emoji, except for the color. Have a leaf on a stem with all of it including the apple green in color. Has application as a symbol, depicting fruit or diet and also describing a person’s shape of the body.

“She was told to have a healthy diet by the doctor 🍏”

🍐 Pear

It’s a green colored pear, with a realistic picture. Has both direct and indirect meaning. Has a green leaf with a stem that’s brown. It features meaning related to fruits, diets and even body shape description.

“Am on a diet, I want to fit best in ma summer shorts 🍐”

🍑 Peach

It’s a fruit that’s pinkish orange, fleshy and fuzzy.  Has a brown stem with a green leaf or leaves. Used in fruit related meanings and at times describing or complementing the appearance of someone. Can also depict or compliment someone’s butts due to its shape.

“I feel better all day if I start off by eating healthy. 🍑”

🍒 Cherries

It’s a pair of red cherries joined together by their green stems. It also has a single leaf. It is characterized by the tasty and sweet fruit. It applies in the context of a healthy diet and also fruits. Moreover, it can be used as a compliment or description of a person.

“Thank you! You are so sweet 🍒”

🍓 Strawberry

Have a green stem and a crown of leaves. Has red skin with golden brown dots of seeds. It’s considered tasty and many people love it. Like any other fruit, it’s applied to depict healthy diet and fruits. Due to its shape, it conveys sentiments of romance.

“Use the berries for decorating the cake top 🍓”

🥝 Kiwi Fruit

It’s sliced into half has a brown skin that is fuzzy, and the flesh is white at the core, light green towards the skin and with seeds that are black. It looks similar to pitches emoji, thus cut into half to avoid confusion. It’s considered very healthily thus applied in the same context.

“Eating healthy lengthens your life 🥝”

🍅 Tomato

Have a red colored skin, very fleshy and juicy with a stem that is green and leafy. Also, has a shape similar to that of an apple. It’s used as an ingredient in various delicacies. On sauces, it’s also a major vegetable. Indirectly, it conveys disapproval.

“Imagine my sauce is over 🍅”

🥥 Coconut

It’s cracked into half showing the inner flesh which is white like milk. The skin is brown and hairy. It’s a fruit from the tropics with the center sweet when eaten. Use involves tropical or coconut linked topics. Also applies in preparation of cocktails.

“I would love to have again the 🥥 cocktail.”

Food Vegetable

🥑 Avocado

A half cut avocado, with a shape of a pear. Has a light green inner flesh, brown seed which is large and at the center, while the skin is green. It’s a fruit full of nutrients and healthy. It’s loved and hated by individuals due to their taste. It applies in fruit and healthy diet context.

“Healthy diet is the way forward 🥑”

🍆 Eggplant

Bright purple or dark violet, long and bulbous eggplant with a green stem that is leafy. It falls under the vegetable category. It serves as an ingredient in various delicacies portrays itself and a healthy diet in general and also has a symbolic meaning.

“Am on a vegan diet 🍆”

🥔 Potato

It’s a potato which is whole, brown in color and may have dark brown spots. It’s among the popular emoji of vegetable being applied by many users. It applies in the cooking context but hardly fits in the healthy food category. Use involves both hostile and friendly sentiments.

“I am definitely having chips for supper 🥔”

🥕 Carrot

Have a long and bright orange carrot which is whole with leaves at its broader end. Has an appearance of fleshly lucked carrot. It falls in the category of the healthiest vegetable. Have a direct meaning and applies in cooking ingredients or consumable while raw.

“Please add chopped carrot in the salad. 🥕”

🌽 Ear Of Corn

Its maize is partially husked. It looks fresh from the farm, with the grains golden yellow and the husk green in color. It’s in the cereal category and applies in many diets. Also, it falls under the context of food, cooking, healthy food and snack.

“Am having boiled corn for breakfast 🌽”

🌶 Hot Pepper

Have long and slightly curved shape, bright red in color and contains a stem that is green at the top. Due to its trait of being hot, it can be applied both directly and indirectly. It depicts Vegetable spices, cooking ingredient and also portrays something or somebody is hot.

“She looked hot in her red dinner dress 🌶”

🥒 Cucumber

Have a long and curved slightly form of shape, its green in color and spiky on the surface. It’s portrayed both as a whole or chopped in circular pieces halfway. It’s a popular vegetable, which is found in salads or any other meal. It’s healthy and applies in the context of healthy meals, and cooking.

“Make me a sandwich, and it should have thin slices of cucumber 🥒”

🥬 Leafy Green

A bunch of leafy and green vegetable held together by a white stalk. Function to represents green types of vegetable, which include spinach, chard, lettuce, kales and many others. These are healthy vegetables and serves as ingredients in cooking and also in salads. Its meaning is directly tied to being a healthy meal.

“Is salad available 🥬?”

🥦 Broccoli

Has a tree shape resemblance, with a darker shade of green at the floret and lighter shade of green at the stalks. It’s portrayed as one piece and very rich in healthy protein. Application is cooking, salads and applies in healthy contexts.

“I hate eating steamed 🥦. It has no flavors.”

🧄 Garlic

Has the bulb onion shape, but with folds on the surface. Exist in a different color as an emoji according to the platform. It’s best for seasoning or when adding flavor to your meal. Thus it serves in cooking as a spice or when referring to something with a strong scent.

“He has a terrible sweat scent like a 🧄”

🧅 Onion

Portrayed as a whole onion, it has a smooth surface with visible strips running horizontally. It’s golden brown, with tinny roots at the end. It serves a flavor booster in cooked meals. In salads, it’s also used. Due to their nature of causing one to shed tears when chopped, it can be applied in the same context.

“Every time I chop 🧅 my tears just drip.”

🍄 Mushroom

It’s a colored mushroom that is red in color with white spots and stem that varies in color depending on where it’s used. It’s also known as the poisonous mushroom or toadstool. It applies in the context of the natural environment, but not in food due to its properties.

“That mushroom is not for consumption, it’s very poisonous 🍄”

🥜 Peanuts

A peanut pod, displayed in its light brown, grooved and rounded shell. In some programs, its provided as a pair. It serves as peanut butter, a snack. It has both an indirect application and direct. It portrays the actual peanut or indirectly when referring to males.

“I have missed having bread spread with butter 🥜”

🌰 Chestnut

Have acorn shape, reddish brown with a tapering sharp point at one end and broader on the opposite side. It’s favorite to squirrel, and can also be roasted and consumed as a snack. It’s mostly associated with autumn. Have a variety of uses, in depicting nature, as a food or have a symbolic meaning.

“Have you become mad 🌰”

Food Prepared

🍞 Bread

It is a loaf of bread that has not been sliced yet and its golden brown. In some platforms, it is sliced. It serves in the food context, for instance, meals, dinner, breakfast, hunger and so on. Apart from food related, it can serve as a symbol of a logo or meaning.

“I am having a sandwich for lunch 🍞”

🥐 Croissant

Have a crescent shape, golden brown and flaky. It’s a pastry baked product and has an association with breakfast in France. It’s the same relation as emoji for pancake in connection with USA breakfast. It’s often taken with coffee, thus it’s related to breakfast.

“I love my Croissant with fillings 🥐”

🥖 Baguette Bread

A slender and long loaf has scored on the upper part and its golden brown. It has a close link with France. It is recognized as among the symbols of France worldwide. Can apply as part of a joke in relation to the French or substitute bread in a conversation.

“Are this Baguettes fresh 🥖?”

🥨 Pretzel

Have a heart shape, which is twisted, soft or hard and has a golden brown crust sprinkled with salt grains. This particular snack is linked with the Germans. It applies in food-related topics, as a snack mostly. Can also be combined with other foods to create a unique delicacy e.g. Hot Dog.

“Please get me 🥨.”

🥯 Bagel

A bagel brown bread can be displayed as having two slices or one, some programs portray seeds as poppy or sesame, and a smear of cream in between the slices as a sandwich. It also looks like a doughnut. It also exists in various flavors. They apply in the food-related topics and popularly used during breakfast.

“I would love to have a Bagel with blueberry flavor 🥯”

🥞 Pancakes

Depicted as a pile of pancakes, that is golden brown with butter pad melting on top and oozing maple syrup. It is portrayed in the traditional form. It is popularly linked with Americans the same way, the pastry is linked with France. It applies in breakfast on most occasions.

“I hope we are having pancakes for breakfast 🥞”

🧇 Waffle

Have a square shape, with mini squares. Its golden brown in color, and also has butter pad on top. They are used during breakfast. It can substitute pancakes. Its uses are to portray food and topics related to it. or when you are hungry can be used to convey that you want it for breakfast.

“🧇 Waffles are better than pancakes.”

🧀 Cheese Wedge

It’s a yellowish orange wedged cheese and has holes. Its depicted the same way as in animation films. Due to its image expression, has a direct meaning, of referring to the actual cheese or in topics related to food.

“The best pizza is made of 🧀”

🍖 Meat On Bone

It’s a hunk of meat with a bone and is not specified from which animal it comes from. The image is associated with that in the animation food. In conversions, it applies in a food context, meals with meat and also on cooking. The shades of color of the meat rely on the program it’s used.

“It’s been a while since I ate a steak 🍖”

🍗          Poultry Leg

A drum stick that is brown and crispy. It belongs either to a duck, turkey, chicken or any other poultry. The drumstick is fried, and it’s the most popular fast food. It applies in topics of fast food, cooking, and event feeling hungry.

“If you want to be satisfied, buy a bucket of drumstick 🍗”

🥩 Cut Of Meat

Is a slice of raw red meat, has a middle bone and marble of fat that is light white around the periphery. For those who love meat, this is a perfect friend for you. It’s used to express love for meat, meals with meat or even cooking meat.

“I am fed up with veggies diets, get me 🥩 today.”

🥓 Bacon

It’s characterized by strips of fatty, crispy and reddish brown, when fried, and portrayed as two in many programs. It’s consumed majorly in the morning as breakfast. It can be used also to create a sandwich or even in hamburgers when mixed with veggies.

“Despite being delicious, bacon is unhealthy 🥓”

🍔 Hamburger

It’s a traditional meal cherished by the Americans. It’s made up of double buns, meat with ingredients such as cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, and addition of different types of sources and so much more. It applies to America context or food related.

“Hamburgers are irresistible but unhealthy 🍔”

🍟 French Fries

Slim chopped fries which are golden brown and provided in a carton which is red. Due to the pack which is red, it looks similar to the fries of McDonald, though the absence of the logo. It’s available in another restaurant too. Due to American association, it’s used in their context and also foods.

“Am having 🍟, for lunch.”

🍕 Pizza

The emoji is depicted as a slice of pizza, having tomatoes and olives as toppings. It’s golden brown and in some platforms, it has meat as toppings. It may be applied in relation to eating, restaurant, having the best time, parties or any other thing with links to food.

“I love pepperoni pizza 🍕”

🌭 Hot Dog

Have a hot dog sausage cooked and placed between a bun that is sliced, and then drizzled with mustard which is yellow. it is also among the America fast food trademark apart from fries and hamburger. It’s popularly used with Hot dog lovers or in relation to fast food.

“Am sorry but the hot dogs you brought are not what I expected 🌭”

🥪 Sandwich

Have two slices of bread, which is filled in between them with tomatoes, cheese, and lettuce. There are other forms of sandwiches depending on what you need. It applies in topics related to food, be it breakfast or lunch or supper. Or indicate you love sandwiches with this emoji.

“I need bread to make the sandwich 🥪”

🌮 Taco

It’s a corn tortilla that’s either soft or hard and filled with ingredients such as, onions, lettuce, beef, cheese, and tomatoes. It’s associated mostly with Mexicans, where it originated. The emoji is applied in links with being hungry and food-related ideas or topics.

“I need lots of 🌮🌮🌮s”

🌯 Burrito

It’s characterized by a wrapped tortilla floor, which is filled with ingredients such as rice, cheese, meat, beans lettuce and tomatoes. In most platforms, it’s served while wrapped around with foil. It’s linked with San Francisco. It can also be mistaken for emoji of stuffed bread.

“I think you should try 🌯”

🥙 Stuffed Flatbread

It looks very similar to a burrito but on a bigger version. It’s the bread that’s flat and filled with lettuce, meat or tomatoes. It also looks alike to Kebab, Shawarma, and falafel. It’s a popular delicacy in the Mediterranean and Middle East.

“Asians do know how to spice there 🥙”

🧆 Falafel

It exists in plenty, one whole and the other sliced. They are made by deep frying balls composed of fava beans, chickpeas and times spices added. Since it has an Asian origin, it applies in the context of their culture as well as food.

“Compared to a doughnut, I love 🧆”

🥚 Egg

It’s portrayed as completely white or in a light brown version of the shell. The egg is whole and it points upwards. Often, it applies as food or indicating particular cravings of egg or chicken. Indirectly, it is a slang that depicts the people who are highly academic or nerds.

“I need boiled eggs 🥚?”

🍳 Cooking

It’s a frying egg having York on a frying pan that’s either grey or black. It may be generally linked to breakfast, it is meant to portray all sorts of cooking and their concepts. Indirectly, may convey hunger or cravings on a given meal.

“Am actually making some breakfast 🍳”

🥘 Shallow Pan Of Food

It’s a shallow, black pan with handles on the side, and it has colored saffron rice, a drum stick, vegetables, shrimps and slices of lemon. It is often linked to Spanish traditional food Paella. Uses include meals, cooking, eating and dining.

“When you visit Spain you should have some 🥘, it’s delicious.”

🍲 Pot Of Food

It’s an image of a pot containing stew or soup. The constituent of the meal relies on the platform it’s found. The ingredients of the meal may include meat, noodles vegetables and much more. It fits in the context of meals, feeling hungry or preparing to eat.

“I can’t wait to have mom’s soup 🍲”

🥣 Bowl With Spoon

Have a bowl which contains a serial with milk mixture and in some other platforms it’s empty. The color of the bowl varies, but the spoon is grey in color. It represents meals, in case it has content, but if it is empty, it can represent a lack of food or even hunger.

“Darling we’ve run out cereals. 🥣”

🥗 Green Salad

Have a grey or white bowl at different angles, containing salad. The salad may be composed of tomato, cucumber, lettuce, onions and so on. Often linked with a healthy lifestyle or diet one is having. The context is in food or consumption.

“I am on a diet of salads. 🥗”

🍿 Popcorn

A carton with red and white strips running vertically and it’s filled with popcorns. Looks exactly like the one sold at a theatre of movies. Besides, it’s also a home snack. It’s linked to occasions or places its served. Can also symbolize, watching movies, having the best time with friends or family.

“Its movie night 🍿”

🧈 Butter

It is a stack of batter on a grey chopping board with some slices chopped. Butter is loved by many and it’s usually a requirement if you love its flavor. The emoji applies in cooking topics, eating or spicing and any other type of food. Symbolically, it can mean slippery.

“Who poured water on the floor, it’s slippery 🧈”

🧂 Salt

It’s a glass salt shaker which is clear with salt and the cap that is silver. It’s among the major cooking ingredients one must have in the home. Because of the shaker, it depicts restaurants. Moreover, it applies when preparing a meal at home. Thus its use revolves around food.

“I need more salt 🧂 in my soup.”

🥫 Canned Food

A can of food portrayed as tomatoes while others are not specified. It comes in handy when you need quick meals. It applies in the context of eating, cooking, or any other food relation. They are good as they are long lasting compared to the fresh type of foods.

“I need canned tomatoes for my stew 🥫”

Food Asian

🍱 Bento Box

It’s a grey or black lunch box that is partitioned. Each partition may contain rice, seafood, meat, and vegetables. It’s traditionally known as a Japanese lunch box. Applies in Japanese contexts, includes culture and traditions. Also applies in life at school.

“Am not sure which food I will fill in my bento today 🍱”

🍘 Rice Cracker

It’s a cracker which belongs to Japanese and is composed of rice and has a seaweed wrapping. Its other name is Senbei, and it’s popular to mostly Japanese country. It’s like the snack version of popcorns in Japan. Meanings relate to Japan, travel or Japanese individuals.

“I had no idea this cracker could be this good 🍘”

🍙 Rice Ball

Have a cone shape, white and with a wrapping of a seaweed. It’s an image of traditional Japanese mode of serving rice. It’s served with almost every meal in Japan. Due to the place of origin, it serves to portray Japanese people, their culture, and lifestyle.

“Rice balls are the best 🍙”

🍚 Cooked Rice

Rice which is cooked served in heap form in a bowl. The bowl design and color relies on the provider of the emoji, but the rice is white across. Rice is a global meal, but the serving style places it in an Asia set up. Thus it portrays mostly Asian regions but at times other regions.

“Am having steamed rice with chicken stew 🍚”

🍛 Curry Rice

It’s a plate containing a heap of rice, orange-brown stew, having meat or vegetables. Have links with Asian culture, mostly India but also Japan. Similar to other forms of emoji for food, it relates to eating, cooking and even hunger.

“We should have rice and curry more often 🍛”

🍜 Steaming Bowl

A bowl filled with hot and steamy food. The food is noodles from Japan with a stew. It also contains chopsticks scooping the rice. This gives it an Asia set up. it serves to portray Asian countries such as Japan. And also hunger or eating.

“These noodles am having are very hot 🍜”

🍝 Spaghetti

It’s a plate composed of spaghetti made in the Italian way, and also have tomato sauce and a fork. It portrays Italians, but it’s popular around the world. It applies in meal or food topics. This includes eating, cooking or even feeling of hunger.

“Let’s order a spaghetti take out 🍝”

🍠 Roasted Sweet Potato

The sweet potato is portrayed with a skin texture of orange, brown, purple and chopped into half showing the inner golden brown. Maybe mistaken for a yam, in some programs, it has a slice chopped. It represents a healthy form of diet.

“I feel like having sweet potatoes for lunch 🍠”

🍢 Oden

It is a type of traditional meals of Japanese which consists of ingredients such as Daikon and eggs. It is sometimes served in a bowl, but in this case, it’s served on a stick as three stacks. It looks similar to emoji for Dango. Like any other Japanese meal, it also portrays or symbolizes the country. It can apply also in food and cooking relations.

“What is the Oden made off 🍢?”

🍣 Sushi

Characterized by a pair of pinkish-orange raw fish (salmon or tuna) served on rice. In some programs, it’s wrapped with seaweed. It’s a popular food in Japan. Thus its use is food, cooking and eating topics, or depicts the actual food or Japan.

“When I get to Japan, I must have some sushi 🍣”

🍤 Fried Shrimp

A shrimp covered with bread crumbs, and then deep fried to become golden brown. Traditionally, in Japan, it’s covered with dough that’s soft then fried. This is very distinct compared to other Japanese delicacies. It relates to the restaurant and also Japanese delicacy.

“Am really feeling hungry 🍤”

🍥 Fish Cake With Swirl

A circular cake with ridged margin, processed from whitefish and at the center it has a swirl which is pink. The swirl may come in handy as flair. Has origin in Japan but it is also popular in the USA and Europe. The uses mostly apply to Japan and their tradition.

“Japanese meals looks creative 🍥”

🥮 Moon Cake

It’s a golden brown and circular pastry of a moon cake with Chinese design. It’s traditional and serves a symbol for the festival, in the Mid Autumn. Most platforms feature it with a design printed in the surface, others have a piece cut out.

“It’s delicious, but you will gain lots of waits if you consume many 🥮”

🍡 Dango

They are three, spherical, colored and put on a stick. They are made using rice flour and they are the sweetest Japanese dumplings. The colors include, white, pink, orange and so on. Are utilized in celebration festivals in Japan during the time when the moon is full.

“The Dangos can really give you a sugar rush 🍡”

🥟 Dumpling

Small size dough prepared by steaming or boiling. It can be cooked plain or with an apple or meat at the center. It’s portrayed as folded and pinched at the margin to keep it closed. It’s linked with the Chinese globally. It’s used by dumplings lovers, and also portrays the Chinese culture and traditions.

“Let’s go to China town and have some dumplings 🥟”

🥠 Fortune Cookie

Have a crescent shape, golden brown and flavored with vanilla. It’s usually presented with a white strip of paper on one end. On the paper, a lucky number is written. The cookie is often given after having a meal at a Chinese restaurant. The paper is meant to show you your fortune through the number written.

“I need a 🥠. I don’t feel luck lately.”

🥡 Takeout Box

It’s a carton paper folded, tall and white, similar to those for takeout foods at the Chinese restaurants in western regions. In some programs, it has chopsticks. Applicable when ordering food from home, you can send it with the emoji of the food you need.

“Am not cooking, we will have 🥡”

Food Marine

🦀 Crab

A reddish-orange crab portrayed from an above angle with its claws and eyes open. It has both a realistic look and animated look. It represents nature as well as people who have an appetite for crabs. Thus it applies in topics related to food and consumption, but it can also be a symbol (a sign of the zodiac).

“Last time I had a hard time cracking the crab’s shell 🦀”

🦞 Lobster

A both realistic and animated version of the lobster, it’s taken from an angle of elevation. Its portrayed as pinkish red, this implies the crab is cooked, and ready to be consumed when served. Has both direct and indirect denotation. It serves as seafood or symbolic meaning of individuals with rough hands due to the nature of its claws.

“His hands are very hard and course 🦞”

🦐 Shrimp

The shrimp is portrayed in a curve pose with a realistic image, has a blend of different colors like orange, pink, brown and red. It forms a delicacy in Spain, Japan and some of the other countries. It’s delicious and tasty. Apart from being food, it depicts nature and its beauty.

“This is my fast time eating a 🦐”

🦑 Squid

It is depicted with various colors, including pink, red reddish orange. The image looks lively with the tentacles and the black eyes looking forward. It’s a representation of sea lives, but it’s also a delicacy in Japan and, Mediterranean. Popularly used in the natural context.

“We saw a giant squid at the aquarium 🦑”

🦪 Oyster

This emoji is represented by an oyster which is open and with a shiny white pearl at its center. Some countries consider it a delicacy, an aphrodisiac type of food. It’s also used to show you have a pearl necklace or love for nature. It also symbolizes love.

“I bought a pearl necklace at a fair deal 🦪”

Food Sweet

Soft Ice Cream

It’s depicted by the typical form of the ice cream on its cone. It’s provided with different color shades and flavors. It’s popularly known as ice cream of the Italians and this is due to its shape. It is loved by various kinds of people. Serves to portray, having good moments, family time, park walks.

“Come to my place, I’ll take you to fan an ice cream treat 🍦”

🍧 Shaved Ice

An ice mound made up of frozen water, then using different colored syrups it’s dressed up, and flavors added. It’s a typical dessert of the Hawaiian. It’s provided using a bowl. Since its very cold, falls in the context of hot weather, used for cooling your body.

“In summer, I prefer shaved ice more 🍧”

🍨 Ice Cream

A dessert bowl with ice cream scoops. In some platforms, it has sprinkles on top, cherry or wafer rolls, and some syrup. It’s presented with various flavors including, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry depending on the platform. It applies in the context of having a great time, summer, love, and food.

“Let’s have ice cream for dessert 🍨”

🍩 Doughnut

Is the form of a traditional doughnut, except its glazed with chocolate and topped with sprinkles having rainbow styles. It applies in the context of food/snack, desserts, bad and unhealthy habits. When one is missing such foods on a healthy diet, it can be applied.

“Keep up with eating 🍩 and you will have to enroll in a gym.”

🍪 Cookie

Has the typical style of cookies, golden brown and topped with chocolate chips. People love to have it with milk, thus it’s popularly paired with a glass of milk emoji. Has a symbolic meaning of love other than the direct meaning of food or dessert.

“Hey sweetie, I have missed you 🍪”

🎂 Birthday Cake

A cake which is frosted and has lights of candles, it depicts the celebration of a birthday. The design, flavor, and color rely on the platform used. It’s used in wishing someone a happy celebration on their birthday. It can also act to inform people of that special day.

“Delicious 🎂”

🍰 Shortcake

It’s a piece of cake cut from the whole one. It’s featured with intense cream. The decorations include the strawberries and whip cream. It applies during holidays, celebrations or just a normal gift to the loved ones. It symbolizes cuteness and sweetness.

“I have a present for you 🍰”

🧁 Cupcake

A wrapped cupcake topped with frost and decorated with colorful sprinkles. The wrappings have varying colors, as well as the flavor and color of the cake. They are known to be small but very sweet. They are very popular in celebrations and can symbolize a person sweetness or dessert.

“He was so sweet; imagine he assisted me throughout the event. 🧁”

🥧 Pie

A dish baked with a crust of pastry and filled with savory and sweet ingredients. The pie has steam and it’s either whole or a piece. Most have a golden brown look on a grey or white plate. Falls in the topics of cooking or symbolic describe a person you love.

“Come here my sweet pie 🥧”

🍫 Chocolate Bar

A dark block of chocolate, wrapped with a foil which is red colored, it is halfway peeled back, showing the candy squares. The wrapper may also be other colors such as purple or black. It’s very popular and loved by many. Directly it means chocolate, while indirectly it’s a symbol of love and happiness.

“Chocolate is a great gift 🍫”

🍬 Candy

It’s, small, hard and round candy. It’s wrapped using twists at either end. It’s made up of different colored wrapping. Has a typical design of peppermint. It’s very popular during the celebrations. It symbolizes sweetness and relates also to the loved one.

“Sweets can give children sugar rush 🍬”

🍭 Lollipop

It’s represented by an image of hard and circular shape candy with a stick as a handle. It has a swirl design composed of rainbow colors. It’s linked with children and symbolizes sentiments such as joyfulness, happiness, and sweetness.

“Behave well and I’ll get you a 🍭”

🍮 Custard

It’s a dessert with a golden yellow color and has a caramel top layer. Has a shape of the ramekin and placed on a caramel pool of sauce. It applies in relation to meals which are delicious, delicacies, restaurants and much more. It depicts an individual’s preference and the context in which it’s used.

“I have heard you have the best custard in town 🍮”

🍯 Honey Pot

Have a golden yellow color, with honey drooling on the pot sides. It also has a special brown spoon meant for scooping the honey. May portray honey itself or the bees. Characterized by its intense sweetness, it may be used in relation to loved ones.

“Please come and assist me, Honey 🍯”