Emoji meaning – Flags


🏁 Chequered Flag

Have a grey pole with flag having a pattern of white and black squares.  It serves as a symbol for a car race to start. It’s therefore considered as a flag which is iconic. Due to the role it plays, it serves to mark a new chapter, Also the start of a challenging situation, which is tense.

“Have you started 🏁 your assignment?”

🚩 Triangular Flag

Have a golden or grey pole with a triangular shaped flag which is red. It is popular in a golf tournament. It also denotes the start as well as attracts the attention of a crowd.

“This week the exams are starting 🚩

🎌 Crossed Flags

Have two flags which are white with a circular red symbol at the center. The pair of flags are crossed at the middle point of their poles. They are used in a racing context. They mark the beginning half of the whole race. The same meaning can be applied when you are in the middle of your task.

“I’ll meet you tomorrow for 🎌 part of my day.”

🏴 Black Flag

Have a black or grey pole, with the flag being entirely black. It is portrayed in a waving form. Due to the dark color, it symbolizes revolve, anarchism and much more. In addition, it depicts sorrow and grief. It’s also used to mark the end, through waving the black and red flag in a crisscrossing pattern.

“After working hard and tirelessly, I can’t believe we lost that easy 🏴

🏳️ White Flag

From the name, it is a completely white color flag, with a grey pole. It is depicted as if waving. It’s applied to denote, surrender. It also signifies peace and harmony.

“I don’t care if they think am weak, I 🏳

🏳️‍🌈 Rainbow Flag

Have the color patterns of the rainbow, and with or without a pole depending on the program the emoji is used.  It is considered to have romantic sentiments; it also represents the LGBT community.

🏴‍☠️ Pirate Flag

Have a flag which is black with the skull bone and cross bone symbol illustrated in white. It denotes the character and context of pirates. It also expresses sentiments such as battles, revolts, rebellion, ships and crazy feelings of excitement.

“Have you watched the movie on Pirates of the Caribbean 🏴‍☠️?”

Country Flag

🇦🇨 Ascension Island

It is a realistic picture representation of Ascension’s national flag. The flag is illustrated by the navy blue general color, at the upper left quarter having the United Kingdom flag design and at the right lower quarter having a unique logo. It is used in topics related to this Island.

“A great place to have a vacation is 🇦🇨

🇦🇩 Andorra

Have three distinct colors and a logo at the center. The colors are organized vertically, and they include navy blue, yellow and red respectively from the pole. This emoji depicts the Andorra national flag. It’s therefore used in topics related to Andorra.

“Have you ever visited 🇦🇩

🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates

It is the UAE national flag. it is represented in a realistic image.  The flag has four distinct colors, red, which is vertically placed, and green, white and black which are horizontally organized respectively from the top to bottom respectively. It is used in the context of the UAE.

🇦🇪 is known to be rich with oil wells.”

🇦🇫 Afghanistan

It represents the Afghanistan nation flag. The flag is characterized by three different colors which are organized in column form. They include black, red and green from the pole respectively. The emoji is applied in the context of Afghanistan.

“This holiday, I have to visit 🇦🇫

🇦🇬 Antigua & Barbuda

The emoji depicts the Antigua & Barbuda national flag. The flag is portrayed with three contrasting colors, with the middle part crafted in V-shaped. The first color exterior to the V-shape is maroon, and to the interior part is Black at the top, which has the half golden yellow sun logo at the center; followed by blue and finally white. Its use is related to the country.

🇦, is a wonderful country to visit.”

🇦🇮 Anguilla

This emoji illustrates the Anguilla national flag. The flag is featured with a dominant navy blue color, and United Kingdom flag at the upper quarter left-side and the country’s logo at the lower quarter right. The use of this emoji is in the context of the country.

“Have you ever heard about 🇦🇮?”

🇦🇱 Albania

The flag is characterized by being completely red, placed in a wavy form and has a black logo at the center of the flag. The use of this emoji is based on the context of the country itself or the flag.

🇦🇱 looks great.”

🇦🇲 Armenia

It is illustrated by a wavy flag with three distinct colors. The colors include red, navy blue and golden orange. As other countries flag, it’s used in the topics related to the country and also represents the country.

“I heard 🇦🇲 is a wonderful place to visit.”

🇦🇴 Angola

It is the Angola national flag illustrated as an emoji. The flag is made up of two main contrasting colors. Red at the top and black below it, at the center it has a golden logo. The application of the emoji is based on the country’s context.

“I am honored to be a citizen of 🇦🇴

🇦🇶 Antarctica

It is the Antarctica national flag; it is illustrated by a wavy pattern, ocean blue color of the flag with the map of Antarctica as a white logo. It serves to represent the country. The uses are based on the relation with the country, as well as the weather or environmental condition.

“The 🇦🇶 is dominated by ice.”

🇦🇷 Argentina

The emoji portrays into details the Argentina national flag. The flag has two main colors, the sky blue which is placed both above and below the white which is at the center. The logo has the sun shape and its golden color.

“I have heard 🇦🇷 is one of Africa’s countries.”

🇦🇸 American Samoa

This is the American Samoa national flag. it is characterized by three colors. White, which is in the form of a horizontal V-shape, the navy blue color, which surrounds the lower section of the white color and the maroon which borders the white and the navy blue informs of a narrow shape, forming a perfect horizontal V-shape. Close to the edge at the white region, it has a logo of a flying eagle carrying a golden staff.

“We should visit 🇦🇸 one day.”

🇦🇹 Austria

It is the emoji of Austria’s national flag.  The flag’s colors are arranged in row form, the upper layer being red, the middle layer being white and the lower layer is red in color. It’s also portrayed in a wavy motion. The uses are based on relation to the country or its flag.

🇦🇹 is a very beautiful place to visit in Europe.”

🇦🇺 Australia

The flag has a dominant navy blue color, at the upper quarter left, it has the United Kingdom’s flag, at the lower left quarter it has a large white star and on the right entire half, it has 5 white stars with different sizes spread across. Its use is in relation to the flag and the country.

“I want to visit Sydney in 🇦🇺.”

🇦🇼 Aruba

It is the Aruba national flag. It features a dominant sky blue color, at the left upper Conner it has a red star with four corners, at the lower section, and it has a pair of parallel golden yellow color. The flag serves as the county’s identity, and its uses are based on the relation with the country.

“🇦🇼 has a well-known tourist destination sites.”

🇦🇽 Åland Islands

This emoji illustrates the realistic image of Aland Islands national flag. The flag is compost of three different colors, blue, red in the form of a cross but to the left, the golden yellow which borders between the red and the blue. It symbolizes the country as well as islands in general.

“I have never been to an Island 🇦🇽

🇦🇿 Azerbaijan

This is Azerbaijan national flag. The flag has three colors arranged in rows. From the top is blue, followed by red and lastly green. In the middle, it has a white logo of a crescent moon, with a star in front of it. It represents the country and also part of Europe continent.

“I have to go and see the natural fire in 🇦🇿, someday.”

🇧🇦 Bosnia & Herzegovina

The flag is featured with a dominant medium blue, yellow to the right in form of an inverted right triangle, and a diagonal of white stars cutting across from the left. The flag depicts the country, and its culture.

“I have heard that 🇧🇦 are very hospitable.”

🇧🇧 Barbados

The flag is composed of three distinct colors, the blue, gold, and black. At the center, it has a logo known as the trident, and it is black in color. The flag is a representation of the country and its people.

“Flying fish in 🇧🇧? I have to go and see it myself.”

🇧🇩 Bangladesh

The flag is featured with a green dominant color and the center having a disc which is red in color. The flag is illustrated in a wavy shape. Its role is to represent the country and its citizen. Thus its use relates to the country.

“I have a business trip to 🇧🇩

🇧🇪 Belgium

It represents the Belgium national flag. The emoji looks realistic and into details. The flag is illustrated in a wavy posture. It is made up of three colors in a column form, the black at the pole end, the yellow in the middle and the red at the end. It serves to depict the country, its culture, and people. The use is based on relation to the country.

“Are the best chocolates from 🇧🇪?”