All Arrow Emojis And Emoticons You Need To Know

Emoji Arrows

⬆️ Up Arrow Emoji

It is illustrated by a white or black arrow which points up. It is shown on a blue or white background. The emoji is often applied through its typical meaning of ascending or rise. It also has a figurative meaning of improving or increasing value.

“After what I have been through, am not going back⬆️

↗️ Up-Right Arrow Emoji

The arrow is illustrated pointing up but at 45 degrees to the right. Directly, it may be applied to give directions, also in directing someone’s focus to a given point or something.

“Would you quite placing the keys at the , I can’t reach.”

➡️ Right Arrow Emoji

The arrow is illustrated pointing the right direction. What differs is the color and form of the arrow, which relies on the provider of the emoji. it is utilized in giving direction or indicating what should be focused on.

“Use this ➡️ number to call her.”

↘ Down-Right Arrow Emoji

The arrow is descending but to the right. It serves to give guidance of direction to a given place. It can illustrate bowing when paired with an arm, and also when telling someone to focus on a particular thing.

“Don’t miss to check out this link ↘”

⬇ Down Arrow Emoji

This particularly arrow points directly down, with the uses including directing someone to a place or telling one to focus on the pointed item. Figuratively, it may mean someone status is reducing or failing an exam and even mean to be unsuccessful.

“The business has not been doing well⬇”

↙ Down-Left Arrow Emoji

This emoji shows an image of an arrow pointing directly towards down but on the left side at a 45 degrees angle. Similar to other arrows, it is also used to give directions. But as an exception, this focuses one towards down but to the left.

“Have you check in your closet at the ↙”

⬅ Left Arrow Emoji

The image is illustrated by the left-pointing arrow. It serves to give direction, through directing one to go to the left. It can also mean to go back, since its pointing at the back side. In addition, it’s used to direct someone on what they should focus on.

“You left your bag at the ⬅ of the house.”

↖ Up-Left Arrow Emoji

At an angle of 45 degrees, the arrow points up towards left. Like the other arrow emoji, it is used to give direction. It’s also used to give a particular emphasis on a given thing.

“Will you please help me clean the spider webs ↖ in the living room?”

↕ Up-Down Arrow Emoji

The arrow points on either side. It represents the distance between the arrowheads. Its uses include asking for direction, in mathematics, it’s used in the calculation, and also it can be used when estimating the distance between two points.

“Excuse me, which flow is the hospital in ↕?”

↔ Left-Right Arrow Emoji

The arrow points on both the front and the back. It’s used in the context of direction, as well as represents the distance in between. It is shown as a bold symbol with varying sizes and color as per the platform it’s used.

“Which way should I follow to the town ↔?”

↩ Right Arrow Curving Left Emoji

It is an arrow with a curved tail and the head pointing towards left. It is used in referring to something you have discussed it already. It’s also in direction, to remind them when to turn, or if they have passed the venue, and they are supposed to go back.

“Use the links I had sent you ↩”

↪ Left Arrow Curving Right Emoji

It is an arrow with the tail curved and the head is pointing towards the right. In driving, it can indicate a turning point ahead of the road. Or you can use it instead of I’ll be back.  In addition, it can be used when telling someone to close the door.

“Am about to turn ↪”

⤴ Right Arrow Curving Up Emoji

The arrow appears to be moving towards the right, then the head turns and points upwards. It applies in direct meaning when depicting turns on the road. It usually informs the driver about upcoming turns. Moreover, it can also indicate an ascending point of a hill. Indirectly it expresses the day coming along positively.

“Be careful with the right turn ahead, it’s considered a black spot ⤴”

⤵ Right Arrow Curving Down Emoji

The arrow looks as if going forward, and then the arrowhead turns and points downwards. This indicates a descending path or road ahead. Therefore it can be a warning from a friend that you should be careful. Also, it’s the best way to describe a rough day.

“The day started ⤵ from the time I got to job.”

🔃 Clockwise Vertical Arrows Emoji

The arrows appear to be moving as if in a circle but in a vertical direction. The emoji is linked to the clock due to the continuous clockwise movement it denotes. It can also represent things going well or according to plan.

“How is the company running 🔃?

🔄 Counterclockwise Arrows Button Emoji

The emoji is characterized as having two arrows which depict movement in a circular manner, but in this case, they are moving in a direction that’s anticlockwise.  It also symbolizes a task that is in progression. Also, it expresses, sustainability, recycling and things happening all over again.

“Will you manage it again 🔄

🔙 Back Arrow Emoji

It is an arrow pointing straight towards the left with the word back written below it. it is portrayed in various designs, color and size depending on the program they are used.  It has a direct as well as a symbolic meaning. It is used as an icon in a computer representing another form of the delete button. It can also be paired with emoji for a wastebasket to show that something should be erased or removed.

“You mean I have to go 🔙 again?”

🔚 End Arrow Emoji

It is also an arrow similar to the Back Arrow emoji but with the word end just below the arrow this time. It’s common on the keyboard of the computers. It makes it easier and fast getting to the last page of a document. In conversion, it can denote the end of a topic or relationship.

“I am tired of shedding tears, it’s time to 🔚things.”

🔛 On! Arrow Emoji

It is an arrow with two heads pointing to opposite directing and with the word ON which has an exclamation mark below it. It is common on the power button of electrical devices. It can also be used in the place of the word ON in a sentence. It can also denote a new chapter.

“Why are you turning the power 🔛?

🔜 Soon Arrow Emoji

The arrow points straight forward to the right, with the soon word below it. It denotes the urgency to prepare for something that will occur at any time. The use is directly tied to its meaning.

🔜, you will have to move out and support yourself.”

🔝 Top Arrow Emoji

It is straight up pointing arrow, with the word TOP below it. In a computer, it serves as an icon, which immediately moves you to the beginning of a document. It also serves as a compliment to a person you think they look great. It can also indicate ranking best on performance.

“Have you checked the 🔝cabinets?”