😺😹😻 Cat Emoji Meaning

What does the cat emoji mean? Here you have the answer.

Below you have a list of cat face emojis with its Character, Unicode character name, and Unicode code point. These emojis and emoji versions work in Google Android, Apple, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc.

Cat Face Emoji Meanings

😺 Grinning Cat Emoji

Smiling face cat emoji. It’s an animated alternative of the grinning face. It has a simple eye opened, with upper teeth displayed together with the tongue in Android and without tongue in Apple. It’s applied when expressing in general, humor, good cheer, and pleasure. Unicode U+1F63A.

“Congratulations! I’ve had that you’ve have given birth to a second born. 😺”

😸 Grinning Cat With Smiling Eyes

It’s an imitation cat face substitute of Grinning face with smiling eyes. It’s featured with yellow color on Google Android, a broad grin hence showing upper teeth. Some programs display their tongue. It expresses amusement and happiness. Unicode U+1F638.

“Wow! She is so talented. 😸”

😹 With Tears Of Joy

If you need to express happiness with excitement and humor, this is the best emoji for you. It’s an animated version of ‘Face with tears of joy’ emoji. It is used on most occasions when expressing pleasure or laughter when amused. Unicode U+1F639.

“That guy was rib-tickling 😹”

😻 Smiling Cat With Heart-Eyes

A cat caricature of smiling face with heart eyes. It’s characterized by yellow skin, tow hearts, and an open mouth. In some programs, teeth are shown. It’s useful when conveying love, adoration, and infatuation. Unicode U+1F63B.

“Wow! I love this song. 😻”

😼 Wry Smile

This is a cat animated version of smirking face. The smiling face is yellow, with a mischievous or crafty expression on the face. It’s characterized by eyes facing to the side or staring forward, eyebrows raised and a smile that is half. It’s applicable in flirtation circumstances. Unicode U+1F63C

“Hello, I loved your hair high lights, it makes you look charming. 😼”

😽 Kissing Cat Emoji

It is a kissing face with closed eyes with a cat cartoon form and its colored yellow. The lips are puckered as if offering a kiss and cheeks rosy in some while absent in others. It carries the feelings of love that’s romantic, full of affection and humor. Unicode U+1F63D.

“Miss you darling 😽”

🙀 Scream

This is a cat caricature of ‘weary face’ but it’s more similar to face screaming in fear in resemblance. It’s portrayed with eyes that are white, mouth wide open and elongated and cheeks pressed with hands. It expresses emotions such as frustrations, amusement, and sadness. Unicode U+1F640.

“Now, where will I get money for my rent? 🙀”

😿 Crying

It’s a crying face animated cat version. Majorly, the cat face is yellow with a small frown and shedding a blue tear that’s single. It comes in handy when expressing a modest level of pain and sadness, but comparing to the loudly crying face, it’s less intense. Unicode U+1F63F.

“I am sorry! But we cannot be best friends anymore. 😿”

😾 Grumpy

Its appearance looks similar to ‘Angry face’ but it’s actually a cartoon version of ‘pouting face’ emoji. Has a yellow appearance in most platforms. It has eyebrows that are furrowed, with scrunched look and mouth scowling. It illustrates intense levels of rage, hate, and anger. Unicode U+1F63E.

“I swear! I’ll keep trying until I make it. 😾”

🐱 Cat Face

A cat face which faces directly forward. It’s yellow or grey. It’s crafted into an animation like appearance, with whiskers that are visible. It has a direct meaning of the actual animal. Also, it expresses characters like independence, cuteness, and gracefulness. Unicode U+1F431.

“That’s such a cute cat 🐱”

🐈 Cat

Contrast to the emoji of a cat face, this type shows the full body of the cat with the face. The image of the cat emoji ranges from realistic to animation types. Also, the colors also vary. This expresses the various traits the animal posses. They include gracefulness, beauty, and selfishness. It also represents the actual animal. Unicode U+1F408.

“That lady keeps everything to herself. 🐈”