All Winking Kaomoji variants and their meanings

The winking kaomoji stands out as a playful and flirtatious symbol. These are adept at conveying a sense of fun, insider knowledge, or light-heartedness, often with a single cleverly placed character to suggest a winking eye.

To construct these expressive faces, emoticon creators typically use:

  • Semicolons ; or closed brackets > for the winking eye.
  • Parentheses () or brackets [] to frame the face.
  • Characters like ^, ~, or ω for the open eye, adding expressiveness.
  • Horizontal lines __ or tildes ~ for the mouth, which can reflect a smile, a smirk, or a neutral expression.

Here are a variety of emoticons that incorporate a wink:

  1. A friendly wink: (^_~)
  2. A cheeky, playful wink: ~(^з^)-☆
  3. A mischievous wink with a grin: (>ω^)
  4. A casual, laid-back wink: ^(;_ _)^^
  5. An exuberant wink with a smile: (*^ω^)

These can be used to add a touch of personality to your messages, to tease a friend, or to convey a joke between the lines.

For a clearer picture, here’s a table summarizing the different variations of that feature a wink and their meanings:

KaomojiWinking EyeOpen EyeFace ShapeMouthExpression
(^_~)~^()_Friendly, inviting
~(^з^)-☆~^з^-Playful, cheeky
(>ω^)>ω^()NoneMischievous, smiling
^(;_ _)^^;^^None_ _Casual, relaxed
(*^ω^)*^ω^()NoneJoyful, enthusiastic

Winking Kaomojis are a versatile tool in the digital communicator’s arsenal, allowing for a range of subtle emotional cues to be conveyed without words. They can soften a statement, imply a playful intent, or simply serve as a digital wink across the virtual space, adding a layer of interaction that text alone may not convey. Whether you’re sending a flirtatious signal or just being playful, these emoticons can help you wink your way through your online conversations.