🦄 Unicorn emoji

🦄 is one of the most interesting but also strangest emoji that you can find out there. And that’s because you won’t really find a specific meaning to it. The 🦄 emoji is all about having fun and finding a way to just express ideas without actively using a particular emoji. But this adds a bit of character and also fun to your message, all while keeping it grounded.

When can you use 🦄 ?

  • He went there without even knowing 🦄
  • 🦄 I told you we would be in trouble

What you can see from these examples is that 🦄 is one of those freeform emoji that can be really hard to use without finding the right approach for them first. Sometimes and more often than not you will use the unicorn emoji for fun things. A lot of people use 🦄 to express happiness and innocence.

But just like any other emoji, it can have a darker side to it if you want to as well. For the most part, you just have to come up with a few ideas and creative ways that will make it more interesting. It all comes down to actively trying to figure out how all of this works, and in the end, that’s the thing that you want to be most interested in.

That being said, 🦄 can also be used for saying tougher things or trolling people. You can have a negative spin to an idea and then add the 🦄 emoji at the end to show that it was a joke. You can feel free to try and adapt it to your own needs if you want, but if you know what you are getting into results can be pretty good with it.

However, it can be one of those emoji that a lot of people misunderstand because it can have multiple meanings. But then again that also makes it fun to use, since you have more control and options all while enjoying a different approach to the entire thing, to begin with. So yes, the 🦄 emoji can be fun to use but it can also be quite the challenge!