😍 Meaning – Heart Eyes Emoji

With the emergence of a countless number of new Emojis, with complicated shapes and meaning, this one is rather straight forward, with utmost simplicity. It’s a yellow face, with heart eyes and an open smile. It depicts the feeling of love of an individual to another. It’s mostly used to dispatch the passionate love feeling, adoration, and infatuation. It’s applied when expressing one’s love for another person or object. For instance, I am in love with you; I just love this portrait or sculpture. It’s usually a manifesto of one’s deep affection. As compared to using verbal or textual explanation, the heart eyes Emoji 😍 will lay it all out in a simple image. The yellow smiling face is the individual, and the heart eyes being the conveyed message of love.

In 2010, it was endorsed to be in a community of Emojis as Unicode 6.0 with the title “Smiling face with a heart-shaped eyes”, in addition, this was the initial standardized Unicode that backed Emoji. Later in the year 2015, it was affixed to be part of Emoji 1.0. The emoji is used all the time to transmit positive vibes. It basically serves as an overwhelming reaction of happiness to a theme.

Who uses this emoji?

The direction of this emoji to individuals, it’s often as a result of great admiration by the user. On retweets, you could notice its use on a popular post. It could be applied and favored in both romantic and non-romance feeling of love. It’s a simple and amazing way of inspiring people and convey the message of caring. A simple method of application is in response to an image that has captured your attention. This could have been as a result of a well-orchestrated selfie post on social media. This can also be as a result of how much a blogger loves a given item, be it a style of the hair, designer outfit or makeup, whether it’s someone else’s or their own. The colors of the emoji carry a deep meaning. For example, the yellow color which depicts exiting, happiness and warm emotional feelings. While the red color which evokes confidence and passion feeling.

It’s a popular emoji in responses that are exciting, for instance, commenting on a post of fancy attire that you love so much. It serves to spice up the retweets or replies about the post. On WhatsApp, it’s a face which beams with happiness, and with eyes that are heart shaped. It illustrates the extent of affection, love, and acknowledgment. Frequently it’s used in part of messages that are romantic. In Facebook, the heart eyes emoji is similar to that of WhatsApp. And they convey similar meanings, which are:- passion, the glow of life, excitement and romance. Thus if you need to employ any of thing meanings in a response or direction to somebody, you can use the emoji instead of text. Moreover, they are the popular symbols of messages used currently.

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