☺️ Smiling Face emoji

Smiling Face emoji ☺️ is one of those emojis that everyone loves and enjoys. That’s because it brings in happiness and it also exudes a sense of fun all the time. This is a rather classic emoji. In fact, the smiling face was approved to be a part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993, so it’s one of the oldest emoji out there.

As soon as coloring started to appear, the reality is that smiling emoji didn’t change that much. Aside from offering a bit more detail and making it yellow, the ☺️ emoji remained pretty much the same. And that goes to show just how much people appreciate and use this kind of emoji, to begin with.

Using the ☺️ emoji:

  • This was fun, should we do it again ☺️?
  • I am very happy ☺️, you’re sure you want to stop ☺️?

What can you express with the ☺️ emoji?

☺️ is a great emoji that you are surely using very often. And that’s because you can convey lots of different ideas and expressions with it. The thing to notice about this emoji is that it can show off a sense of gratitude, happiness, positivity and warmth. Since our society can be very challenging and hard to live in at times, it’s easy to see why this emoji can become so popular. That’s because people appreciate fun and happiness, and having a great emoji for various expressions does make a whole lot of sense too!

The ☺️ emoji was initially named White Smiling Face, but it wasn’t about the ethnicity or skin tone. It was just the fact that it was used on black and white screens. Now everyone knows the ☺️ as a yellow toned emoji, and that’s fine for most people. If anything, it’s a great sign that all people need to be happy, embrace life and enjoy every moment out there regardless of what might happen next.